Andrea Dovizioso Post Qualifying Debrief: "Our Target Is The Top Step"

Q: What happened in your crash this morning?

Andrea Dovizioso: So strange, but nothing dangerous. It's a consequence of the bumps and the rear movement. At that moment, the movement of the bike took the pressure off the front, so I lost the weight on the front and the front folded. It was strange.

Q: So you did qualifying on your number 2 bike?

AD: I don't have a number 1 and number 2 bike, I have yellow and blue! But there is no difference between them. We didn't need to try anything with the bike, so it was OK.

Q: Are you happy with your race pace.

AD: Not so happy with that, because we are 1 second off, and that's a little bit too much to start the race. But it's not really 1 second we are missing, I mean, when you race at a new track, you can learn a lot in the race, and it's easy to be faster. It's not like a normal track where you know everything, and in the race you can be so much faster. Tomorrow the lap time will be faster. But it depends on the tires tomorrow, the decision of the tires. Because nobody has chosen a tire yet, we have to wait to see the temperature.

Q: Stoner was saying the same thing, that the tires were not really working properly, and they were losing temperature because of the bumps. You're having no problems with the tires?

AD: Everybody has the same problems, the characteristics doesn't change between the different bikes. It changes a little bit with the distribution of the weight, but the characteristics are similar for everybody. It depends on the temperature, if it's warmer, we can think about a hard tire. If it's like this, it will be a strange situation, because the fastest riders will be able to go with the hard tires, but it won't be the safe option, because with the hard tire, it's difficult to get the temperature into the tire, and if you can't get the tire up to temperature, then it works worse than the soft tire.

Q: Will the soft last the race distance?

AD: Race distance is not a problem, but the degradation could be a problem. For the lap time, not for a big drop in performance. It depends, but I think the soft tire will also be consistent. But we don't know how big the drop in performance will be. If it's too big, the first drop will be a problem, but if it's not too big, it will be consistent.

Q: The track is very bumpy, all across the track. There are also plenty of lines for passing.

AD: The track is very good for overtaking. The track is so large, so wide that overtaking is no problem. The bumps can make the race not normal because you can't push 100% everywhere, because the bike doesn't follow the track surface everywhere.

Q: You've had 3 podiums in 4 races, do you think that you can get another tomorrow?

AD: Sure we have the possibility to get on the podium, but our target now is not just the podium, but the top step.

Q: You've seen Dani's pace, you've seen Jorge's pace, that's the race pace.

AD: Yes, they are much faster, but it's not impossible to do the race with them tomorrow, especially if they crash, or many things can change. I'm confident.

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I've now realized that Andrea Dovizioso routinely provides some of the best material in your interviews.  Remarkably cerebral and analytical, it is no wonder he is still moving forward.