Jorge Lorenzo Post-Race Debrief: "Spies Will Soon Be Consistently On The Podium"

Q: We seem to have gone from four Aliens to just one.

Jorge Lorenzo: But not the same, you know? Because in Mugello, it was Dani. It depends, not all the races will be like this.

We have the luck to be always in front in every practice of all the races, we are always in first position, second position, maybe third, and this gives me the confidence that I know that in the race, I can finish first or second. Also in this race, I knew I had a good pace.

Q: You have a huge lead in the championship. Are you thinking about race wins now, or about the championship?

JL: I don't think a rider can be racing thinking about the points. Because when you think about the points, it's impossible to win at this level, in the MotoGP class. So if we want to continue being on the podium and winning races, we have to think about enjoying every race, every practice.

Q: What do you think about Dovizioso's second place in the championship? Is Dovizioso your biggest rival, or is it Stoner or Pedrosa?

JL: You know for me, Pedrosa's faster than Dovizioso. But for me, Dovizioso is always there in the top four every race. So like in 250s, Dovizioso is the man of consistency, and maybe at the end of the championship he can beat Dani. But for me Dani has a little bit more talent, and he can win races.

Q: Stoner had a chance to do a good race, he got a bad start, he was last in the first corner but then he was very fast.

JL: Yes, you know he could be second, because he finished very close to Andrea.

Q: Did you expect Stoner to have no podiums after five races?

JL: You know, I have a lot of respect for the talent of Casey. But sometimes the riders have this crisis of confidence, and if you don't have things clearly in your mind, it's difficult to be in front in this class.

Q: What did you think of the performance of Spies today? To get a podium this quickly is very impressive.

JL: Yes, I like him. Because he's aggressive and he's very concentrated, during every practice, during all the weekend. And you can see it, he has clear goals, and it's only a question of time before he can be on the podium consistently.

Q: You finished nearly 7 seconds ahead of your rivals. What did you do to set up your bike to achieve this? Was it easy to find a setup?

JL: It was good enough to win today! But we all have problems, always. Today we had problems, and we have to speak to the Japanese. Especially we need to improve the engine, because we don't have enough power compared to Ducati and Honda. So we have a lot of work to do.

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So we have this again. In the last 2 years Ducati willingly sacrificed power for better rideability and traction in order to keep up with Yamaha. They even copied the big bang firing order of Yamaha. Yamaha won 2 world championships with a slight power deficit. And what's more, Colin Edwards and Ben Spies stated at the begin of the season that the Yamaha has even more drive out of the corners than last year.

And still this issue comes up every year. So can anyone convincingly explain, that more top speed translates automatically in better lap times?
Or is it rather the other way around, an engine with a smooth power delivery results in faster cornering and makes up more then the deficit on the straights?

Maybe a little bit bold, but David, could you ask Furusawa what he thinks about this?

Higher top speed may or may not translate to faster lap times, but it's always a tactical advantage in a race. Makes it easier for you to pass your opponents and harder for them to pass you.

It may not be top speed Jorge is after, it may be acceleration. On Saturday both Tech3 riders were complaining about the power of their engines. Colin said "it’s not just speed, it’s acceleration and everything."

Top speed may not translate into better lap times - in my opinion it often doesn't - but more acceleration makes it easier to overtake.

Jorges perspective is astute and increasingly ominous sign for the rest.

Because at the end the rider with the most points wins the championship.

[ Because when you think about the points, it's impossible to win at this level, in the MotoGP class.]

So I don't get such comments.

Rossi wins championships because he finishes the season with the most points. He is frequently not on pole, nor the fastest in practice. But in races he is very tough, and when he does not win he often says he decided to back off in order to get maximum points -- because going for the win would have been too risky on that day. Ask Stoner what it means to your championship hopes if you ride too carelessly or aggressively and crash.

What I think Lorenzo was saying was that you can't start the weekend thinking first and foremost about points. Lorenzo did exactly what you described at Mugello, backed it off and accepted the points he could get, rather than pushing and crashing. But he went to Mugello hoping to win, and looked like having a shot at it during practice. 

There is a time to push and a time to accept position. Racers are racers and if they have a sniff of victory they are going to take it. Least not Valentino Rossi. 100+ victories don't come from being a shrinking violet.

Motorcycles fall over if you don't go fast. Fred Gassit AMCN.

JB was gracious enough to do support commentary for the Aussie fans, and stated that Yamaha are lacking a bit on top end in 6th compared to the Honda, although they have a strong all round engine.

With or without Vale - Jorge is looking ominous this year.
He has the bike, the talent and the belief.

Great answers, honest and mature. Such a shame Rossi is out. At Mugello you could almost feel Lorenzo's disappointment about this. He was the first to realize that he can never win this championship anymore, just lose it. I really wonder if Rossi could have beaten him.

I think it's natural that the young gunner wants to dethroan the reigning champ. And I agree that J-Lo will very likely win it this year. But I think his recent celebration was in poor taste.

Valentino is such an international superstar that he's been called the "fifth beatle".
Now that Valentino is out with a broken leg, this is what Lorenzo gets up to.

I mean it's one thing to rub your opponent's nose it in when you've beaten him in a fair fight. But taunting him while he's injured is bad form.

I'm sorry, I've never heard that one come along.
As far as I am concerned Lorenzo could skip the celebrations. But then again, so could Valentino. But then again again, people seem to like it... must be my sense of humor (loved the port-o-potty and jump in the pool though :-)

I think you're seeing things which aren't there. I don't believe for a second that this had anything to do with Rossi. Lorenzo spent a day in London on Wednesday, and that's probably when he got the idea. The only person I have heard called "the fifth beatle" was the drummer that got the boot to make way for Ringo. I really don't believe this is taunting an injured rival. If it was, I'm sure Lorenzo would have done it much more clearly. He's not shy with his opinions.

I'm sure I've heard Nick Harris and company refer to Rossi as the 5th Beatle.
But maybe I am reading too much into J-Lo's celebration.

Copying and pasting from an earlier thread...

David, I stopped reading most other sites when MM came online (there are some others I visit, gpone, motogp, etc.) mainly because the "reports/analysis" on those sites seemed deliberately intended to stir up vitriol in their grammatically/cognitively challenged readers/posters. MM has really been a breath of fresh air--the quality and tone of the comments and especially that of the reporting is unique in our sport. Sadly, reading this thread, I noticed several usernames from those sites are now among us, and I can't shake this sinking feeling of "it was nice while it lasted".

I am watching the site very closely to prevent precisely that from happening. I intend to ensure that the level of debate here remains at the very highest level. Opinions are great, but you better have the arguments to back them up. I consider myself very lucky that just about all of our regular posters can dojust that, extremely eloquently and highly convincingly.

normally, I would be appalled at the idea of impinging on freedom of expression, but in this case, I hope that you are willing and able to impose fairly Draconian moderation, as I believe that level will be necessary to dissuade an invasion of this site by the hyper-aggressive/partisan/developmentally arrested mob.

Btw, this putative fifth Beatle/second gunman double entendre made me cringe/laugh almost as much as Melandri's 'insights' into Lorenzo's post LeMans celebration (i.e., "the yellow chair...don't you see...YELLOW...bwuhaha"; I smiled when, confronted with Melandri's comments, JL responded: "Huh? I thought the chair was green, no?". A very crash-worthy observation.

Lornzo said he did it as he is a big fan of The Beatles and he was in England so did it for the fans. All there was to it really. Have to say though, I do find his celebrations a bit cringesome... With Rossi it just seemed to suit the playful personality

I think Lorenzo's celebrations are annoying because they look like bad copying. Every great champion has his own characteristic traits, Lorenzo just needs to grow up a bit more and find out his own distinctive way.

JLo said that he loved England, the Beatles and just wanted to ham it up a bit...though knowing him, there might be just that added bit of a story.
The costume being what it is - I wonder if he selected it to say they were 'lonely hearts' pining for Rossi...
But I do agree that he needs to define his style a bit. Lorenzo-land made me cringe and want to throw up - thankfully he appears to have gotten over that.
Watch out for a welcome celebration when Rossi returns...

After winning a race in the premier racing series in the world against the best 2 wheeled talent in the world who can fault a man for his celebrations?

Some of us just need to take a chill pill and lighten up. I probably wouldn't do it but it is ok if Vale, Jorge and / or anyone else wants to do it. They are just having a bit of fun - which shouldn't be against the rules, no?

And yes I certainly agree with Jorge - Spies will soon be a regular on the podium. I am sure that when he gets on the FIAT bike (which should be worth a half second per lap I would think) it will give him the little extra that he is wanting for now on the Tech 3 machine.

I wonder if one of the factory Yamaha seats is essentially 'locked out' for everyone else but Spies. As in if he sticks with Tech 3 for as long as it takes for either Jorge or Vale to leave, and he still showed immense potential, then he would be ushered into the factory seat with no second thought...

I think Yamaha is sitting pretty with the current situation. Vale is a living legend and is far from washed up, but he is getting older and will eventually begin to slow down.

Lorenzo is the recognized prince of the future and is expected to begin his reign over MotoGP very soon.

Spies is showing that he is probably going to make the necessary adjustments to become one of the "aliens" in the not too distant future.

I predict that Yamaha will choose Jorge over Vale if it comes to that decision based on the above listed observations.

Hey - everyone is entitled to an opinion don'cha think?