Assen. Thursday. Photos ace photographer Scott Jones may not be on the ground at Assen, but we still have a few photos for you. Our friend Michel Hulshof of Sports Photography picked his favorite spots around his home track and shot a few snaps for us. Enjoy: 

Fastest man on day 1: Jorge Lorenzo

CEII gets up close and personal with the fans

Preparations: The Tech 3 Moto2 bike gets a quick coate of paint

Andrea Iannone's FIMMCO Speed Up bike appears to love fast tracks

The center of attention. Especially if your Spanish media

Shoya Tomizawa has a remarkably large following.

Press conferences. This is how much fun they are.

Nico Terol, one of the Four Fast Spaniards in 125.

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Classic Edwards..poor old Casey, what was it about a picture painting a thousand words.?

It's a sign of how far you've dropped down the MotoGP food chain when you're reduced to signing 50-year old saggy tits when you once signed 17 year old pert ones...