Melandri Out Of Assen With Dislocated Shoulder

Marco Melandri has been ruled out of Saturday's Dutch TT MotoGP race at Assen. The San Carlo Gresini Honda rider crashed at the revised Ruskenhoek corner, and landed heavily on his shoulder, dislocating it. The Italian has been taken to the local hospital in Assen for further treatment, and will take no further part in the proceedings.

The crash was a rather strange affair. Melandri overshot the Ruskenhoek, entering the runoff area at high speed. The Italian was unable to follow the narrow tarmac run-on lane, though, and ran onto the grass on the inside of the corner. The rear began to slide just before Melandri got back onto the track, and as soon as the rear tire touched grippy asphalt, the Italian was catapulted off his bike in a huge highside, landing on his shoulder.

Melandri's crash reduces the MotoGP grid to 15 again for Saturday's race, and a shoulder dislocation could mean the Italian missing next Sunday's MotoGP race at Barcelona. With three races on three weekends, this was always going to be the danger zone for MotoGP. The Barcelona round will see numbers bolstered by Wataru Yoshikawa filling in at Fiat Yamaha, but with two test riders on the grid, the situation remains perilous.

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Already marred motoGP grid having reduced by one more.

Every other practice session is claiming victims more often and riders seriously get injured to be sitting out of the race; Dani escaped last one in Silverstone, Hiro not so lucky, etc. then going back rossi, Spies, etc.?

Riders pushing hard is one thing but can there be any other explanation to all these incidents?

PS: My first post to this forum. Don't want to sound dramatic with my question but this really concerns me a lot.

This crash seems like more of a bad luck thing, not related to tires like some of the other guys crashes

As a rule people don't bounce well. I think safety has improved markedly from the nineties in terms of tracks, bikes and protective gear. Race missing injuries have been few and far between over the last couple of years for the MotoGP boys. What we have just seen with Rossi, Hiro and Melandri is pure coincidental bad luck.

Get De Angelis on that Gresini Honda now!

It would be interesting to get the MotoGP statistician on the case to measure the rate of DNSs per full-time rider, per race over the last 20 years.

I just made my first Tweet to ask him that question.