Assen And Silverstone Portraits, By Tammy Gorali

Nicky Hayden, undeterred and still sporting a faux-hican

Alvaro Bautista got the factory ride he wanted. And more

Andrea Dovizioso has had an extraordinary season in 2010

MotoGP's next rock star: Marco Simoncelli

Get ready: Ben Spies is comin'

Pol, the youngest of the Espargaro brothers ...

But Aleix ain't no slouch either

England's hope rides on Bradley's #38 Bancaja Aspar Aprilia

Andrea Iannone demonstrates how to go really, really fast on a FIMMCO Speed Up Moto2 bike

Being a top MotoGP rider means having to deal with this lot on a regular basis...

Dani Pedrosa demonstrates how much fun that is ...

Especially when you get asked the same stupid questions again and again ...

... but Dani eventually perks up when a journalist accidentally asks him something interesting.

A smile on Casey Stoner's face: much, much more common than most people think.

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Yet again, thanks a lot for sharing some great photos with us.

All of them are nice shots, but I love the series of Dani. Some of these mini press meetings (not even talking about the big ones) are so tedious even for a journalist who has an interest in the answers, how much worse must it be when you're on the receiving end of the same questions over and over...
Then again, they're all having a dream job, so I guess this part of it is just a minor disturbance they gladly deal with. ;)

You and the people who contribute to your fantastic site have provided a different and facsinating insight to the world of MotoGP.

Heartfelt thanks David, to you and all the people who help contribute to this awesome place

Love the ones of Pedrosa and Stoner. Sometimes I think we forget that they are all real people. Nice to see them with their helmets off.
And that bothers me too, Speed channels coverage of MotoGP is worse than last year. Sure the picture quality is way better but we always have that American guy pronouncing names horribly and telling us about "Royal Purple" everytime there's a commercial break then it goes back to the real commentators. AND everytime there is a commercial we always miss a crash or a brilliant overtaking! AND they got rid of the post race press conferences!!! They do more before the race starts but I'd rather they scrap that so we could hear from the podium finishers after the race! FIX THAT, SPEED CHANNEL!!!

I agree that the commentators in America are truly shameful, but I have never heard them habitually mention Royal Purple. That is usually during the F1 broadcasts, and usually as they announce the grid or go to a commercial.

All I can do is humbly and strongly recommend that you try Royal Purple. Very noticeable increases in horsepower and torque, combined with (in my personal experience) fuel mileage gains of 5-11 MPG...are the main reasons I use it. They're also the reasons why all of my buddies now use it. 12,000 mile oil changes are also an added bonus, not to mention the way their gear oil made my Aprilia shift WAAAAAAAY better than it did with ANY other offering from the USA or from Europe. 2-or-4-stroke, bike or car, manual or auto gearbox, it makes them run better than new.

To answer your question, NO, I do NOT work for them. Just try it sometime. You'll be telling ALL your buddies about it, too. If I had a healthy back, a job and some money, I would send you some myself, but if you try it, you'll feel more power from your beautiful red machine than you've EVER felt before. I guarantee you that. And when that happens, you'll want to tell people about it. It's truly that good...

OK. I'm done. :)

Can we get rid of those ginormous on screen graphics that take up 1/4 of the screen? F1 and MotoGP have made the on screen displays nice and small so that you dont miss any action and then "Speed" Channel puts that crap on there.

David and Tammy. So often, we see the fast moments of MotoGP: the riders rounding a corner or blazing by on the straight in a blur and those are the images that get us excited about MotoGp but it is the slower moments, the very ones that we see here and in other photos on this site, that really bring the circus into focus and really help us understand what goes on that enables all of the "go fast" moments.

So, thank you both.

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Nice pics Tammy. Thanks for sharing.

David, yer livn the dream bro. Keep up the good work.