Rossi Cleared To Ride At The Sachsenring

Valentino Rossi has cleared the first hurdle on his return to racing. Today, he was passed fit by the Sachsenring medical officer to race in Germany. The Fiat Yamaha rider will suit up for practice on Friday, to see whether the apparent fitness he showed during testing at Brno will carry over into the event here at the Sachsenring.

Here's the official press release from the Fiat Yamaha team: 

Sachsenring, Germany

Thursday 15th July 2010


Valentino Rossi has been officially cleared to ride at this weekend's German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring, six week's after his accident in Italy.

The Fiat Yamaha rider was examined by the Chief Medical Officer for this event, Dr. Huber Fischer, who found him fit enough to compete this weekend. Rossi will be present at the Official Press Conference at Sachsenring at 1700 CET today.

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Many may think its too soon.Well,I for one think its fine.Rossi has declared himself game and the experts have declared him able.Sure,he won't be at 100%,however,he obviously and correctly does not see 2010 as done and dusted.
This years title is not over by a long chalk with the engine rules,inevitable DNF's for rival contenders etc.
With riders like Stoner and Pedrosa climbing the charts after wretched starts along with Spies and Simonchelli,this chase is going to get more and more interesting.
Actually,I must add,I would as a racer this weekend give Rossi a wide berth on track.
Heaven help the rider who accidently punts him into the kitty litter.Instant villain for eternity.
Anyway,great he's back and I hope it all goes smoothly.

You can't expect racers to give anything.. much less a wide berth. If Rossi is accepting that he is fit enough to race, then he is accepting all of the consequences that may come with it. Racing is a tough game. I believe Nicky Hayden said it best. "I came to MotoGP because it is a dog fight, every weekend."

I think it will be the other way around...  Rossi will make sure he is nowhere near deAngelis during the first lap!  This may even be difficult because there is a good chance they could qualify near each other.

But you're right, Pit Bull, of all people, deAngelis is the one who can least afford to knock Rossi off his bike.  I have to believe someone (from neighboring Tavullia) has made this clear to him.

Career ending injuries can happen at anytime and if Valentino feels fit enough to race, he should race.
Me, I am glad he's back !

..Whether he can do it or not (doing all practice and do the race), this is an amazing move that will win him many, many more hearts.
We know Valentino is there to chase even only ONE point (Le Mans last year springs to mind) so I'm not totally surprised, but still this is, well, very Valentino: flamboyant and larger than life. Kudos to him and full respect.

I hope he doesn't hurt himself tho.

Good luck, Vale! I hope you whip some butt, and I look forward to hopefully seeing you at Laguna, I know you won't miss my banner!! :p

So as even Rossi himself admitted, after the surgery -- don't forget the doctor who operated on him said it was the worst such fracture he'd ever seen -- the doctors told him normal recovery time for such an injury was 5 - 6 months. Which is easy to believe.

And now after only about one month, we see him being 'cleared' to ride, and management of his team proclaiming amazement at his rapid 'recovery'.

Yeah, sure -- 'recovery'.

Bizarre. A bit of a sad spectacle too, I must say. It is just not medically credible that the bone has healed and strengthened significantly in that amount of time.

But Rossi is certainly not dumb and is capable of deciding for himself.

Good luck to him. But he better stay on that bike, otherwise his leg could end up being a real mess again.

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