Scott Jones Shoots Laguna: Saturday Portraits

While Yamaha celebrated the fans, Rossi celebrated his entourage, with a special helmet with photos of his friends and crew

Nicky Hayden had pimped his faux-hawk with some fancy racing stripes

Yamaha? Ducati? Back to Honda maybe? Jerry Burgess ponders his future

Tom Houseworth helped give Ben Spies his best weekend so far at Laguna

That's a lot of yellow: Hector Barbera sees if the Spanish Yellow Pages have an iPad app yet

Red Bull to the core: Andrea Dovizioso wonders if the Austrian energy drinks company will be paying his wages next year

The Bautista Boys: The Rizla rookie's pit crew look on

Valentino Rossi still has a lot to talk over before Sunday morning

The crutch is now more a prop than a necessity. But just in case...

Looking to the future: Casey Stoner

See more of Scott's photos or order a print from his website,

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and leave it to a chick to know this, it is his girlfriend, Marwa(?).