Colin Edwards Seriously Considering World Superbike Move

Colin Edwards has made no secret of his dissatisfaction with his current position in MotoGP. Almost from the beginning of the year, the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider has complained about a lack of acceleration from his satellite Yamaha, and the Texan's complaints have fueled rumors that Edwards may be in his last year in MotoGP.

It appears that there is some substance to those rumors. In an interview with the leading American website, Edwards admitted to Dean Adams that World Superbikes is looking increasingly attractive to the Texan. "That's what is enticing," Edwards told Superbikeplanet, "to look at that scenario and finish my career with a World Championship or two." His children have never seen their father on the top step of the podium, despite the fact that Edwards is a double World Superbike champion with 31 WSBK victories to his name, and this is a powerful factor motivating Edwards to consider the switch back to WSBK, Edwards admitted.

Though Edwards' complaints center around the performance of the satellite Yamaha, the Monster Tech 3 rider acknowledged that the problem was not so much the Yamaha, as steps forward made by Ducati and Honda. Edwards pointed out that the Yamahas are lapping faster than last year at most tracks, but the problem was that the satellite Hondas had seen huge gains, especially on corner exit. The performance of the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team had provided a powerful motivation to Honda, Edwards told Dean Adams. "I think Honda got wise," Edwards said, "and they just said, 'You know what? We'll give our guys some special stuff.'"

More details - and a barrel-load of Colin Edwards' usual fantastic quotes - in the full interview over on

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Colin is my favorite out there. He is someone I would definitely want to hang out with outside of the track. If he goes to WSB I will definitely follow him. It just sucks that it is even harder to watch WSB here in the states than MotoGP. Wherever he goes I wish him the best of luck he is a great guy who deserves to be happy.

I understand where he's coming from..

Colin still has loads to offer and WSBK makes sense. He must look at the likes of Biaggi, Corser and Bayliss knowing he's a match....been a good do but it's time to go back to your roots and have some fun.

Edwards to wsbk Sterilgada Yamaha team? Would this give the team and Yamaha enough incentive to allow more youth to move up and keep Yamaha in the WSBK championship?

On a slightly different note, I see this as further foreshadowing of Rossi's departure from Yamaha. I saw Colin's relationship and common perspective on development as contributing factors to his continued presence at Yamaha (and Gp, for that matter). If I'm not completely off base...

and not Sterilgada Yamaha is ominous for the continuation of the Factory Yamaha WSBK team. Or perhaps the CE11 has simply dissed Yamaha enough and they wish to cut him loose.

His team mate is doing a sterling job of punting the Tech3 machine around without being continually lost with set-up as Edwards is. Schwantz has it right. The CE11's year is lacklustre, he's short on enthusiasm and it shows.

Colin was cut loose from the Yamaha stable last year, but Poncharal signed him as a Tech 3 rider.

It would be a big mistake for Edwards to ride for Xerox Ducati, imo. Ducati play by the performance indexing rules which makes the performance of their bike somewhat suspect. The process of getting more horsepower is political; therefore, any wins or championships are also regarded politically.

The black helicopters at Laguna said that Ducati and the MSMA had brokered a WSBK agreement and that Ducati had used Suzuki's engine situation as leverage. Julian Ryder said it, not me. It will be interesting to see if something big happens when the SBK commission meets again.

Apparently Colin had signed some kind of pre-contract deal with Ducati in 2002 before he got the offer to move to GP with Aprilia. Ducati let him out of it no questions asked and with no penalties. So he wants to repay the favour if he returns to WSBK.

bye bye Colin
your a nice chap and had a few good rides but you never seemed to get to grips with the motogp bikes maybe spies will realise this to and make the move too. sorry but the sport needs some new blood and the oldtimers have got to move on to keep the sport going

I think it would be easy to paint a bleak picture for Yamaha with doubt about their WBSK effort and Rossi possibly leaving but the still reigning WSBK champ did it on a Yamaha and the MotoGP points leader now is on a Yamaha so maybe they aren't so bad off. That being said I think Honda is setting up to push really hard into the future of MotoGP.

Maybe the switch back to 1000CC bikes in MotoGP would help CE?

Collin's 'problems' are nothing a good ass-chewing by Gunny Hartman wouldn't cure. :)

Mr. Poncharal, are you listenting? HELLLO!!!!????
Hire Mr. Emery to do what he does on Thursday night, and watch Colin qualify and finish back where he belongs, in the top 5! Trust me, Herve, this will be the best $ you've ever spent!

Are you referring to the actor R. Lee Ermey?

Sorry, but I'm still pedantic. :)