Scott Jones Shoots Laguna: More From Race And QP At The Dry Lake

A spectacular setting for a race, aided in no small part by money from Mazda

This Ducati will be wearing the same number in 2011

And this rider will have an old teammate next door to him again

46 with the 500

Ben Spies lived up to the realistic expectations at Laguna, but sadly not the unrealistic ones

Fast in the morning, fast in the afternoon: Jorge Lorenzo is unstoppable

The Rizla boys. At least the bike's good looking

Stoner wasn't concerned about the dark lines he was laying at the rear. It was the ones at the front that bothered him

Andrea Dovizioso's 4th place was not for want of trying

If it's California sunshine you're after, don't come to Laguna early in the morning.

See more of Scott's photos or order a print from his website,

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So Rossi/Hayden at Ducati is officially official now? Or are we still saying its just inevitable?

Would they announce Spies' move to Yamaha factory at Brno or Indy or...?

I need to have my pom-poms ready.

Wish I could be there but I'm sure he'll here my screams of joy all the way from California.

BTW - your site and the excellent informative comments which along with my husband's enthusiasm has fueled this passion I have for the races, and racers (especially my boys Dani and Ben). I read everything about the politics, engines (don't quite get all that yet) much to learn. Just wanted to say thanks for this classy and informative place!

... is always turning someone into a MotoGP fan. That's how I started, and I remain a fan, despite being in the paddock now. Thanks for your contributions, and spread the word! You must know plenty of other people who need to be converted into MotoGP fans?

About 99%. So many people have confirmation from so many sources, it's a done deal.  

not that i think you ever will, but.....dont sell out!! or should i say sell out make money, live the dream we all wish we could, breathe in lots of hydro carbons! but never ever ever change!! this site is most perfect.....and where is my shirt dammit!(i just ordered it last week)

Thanks for your kind words, they are appreciated. Of course the site will change over the course of the years, it's inevitable. But at its core, I hope it will stay the same: A place where intelligent discussion about the essence of motorcycle racing can take place. So very much of the credit for that is due to the readers I have.