Lascorz Fractures Ribs And Shoulder Blade In Silverstone Crash

Sunday's World Supersport race at Silverstone was marred by an ugly crash shortly after the start. Eugene Laverty accidentally clipped the rear wheel of Joan Lascorz' Motocard Kawasaki, and the Spaniard went down. Lascorz was then hit full on by wildcard rider Roberto Tamburini on the Bike Service Yamaha, in turn throwing Tamburini off his bike and sending him tumbling through the grass at the side of the track, and hitting the unprotected wall just a few feet from the edge of the track. Both Tamburini and Lascorz were removed from the track by ambulance for examination at the Clinica Mobile, where early reports suggested that both men had come away virtually unscathed, with Tamburini reported as having a dislocated shoulder.

Those reports turned out to be optimistic, however. Reports from Spain - including from - are that both riders are more seriously injured than at first thought. The two men were taken to hospital for further examination, where it emerged that Lascorz cracked three of his left ribs in the accident, as well suffering a fractured left shoulder blade. The Spaniard was also diagnosed with a suspected fractured vertebra, though this is thought to have been an old fracture, an alarmingly common occurrence among motorcycle racers.

Examinations on Tamburini confirmed his dislocated shoulder, but also suffered a broken left shoulderblade. Of more concern was the fact that Tamburini hit his head hard on the retaining wall along the side of the track, causing the Italian to lose consciousness. Tamburini regained consciousness almost immediately, but is being kept in hospital for observation, along with Lascorz.

Though the crash was the sort of incident that is impossible to prevent in racing, questions are being asked about the fact that the wall along that section of track - on the outside of the straight between Copse and the Maggotts complex - was completely unprotected. The Spanish media, in particular, is pointing to the need for air fence along that section of wall, for as the World Supersport race on Sunday demonstrated, crashes are possible there.

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But didn't Lascorz hit Laverty's rear wheel as opposed to the other way around? I thought Eugene was in the lead and then Lascorz cut back in after running wide out of turn 1.

To more important things however, I was aghast when I saw Tamburini hit the unprotected wall in rag-doll form. That was gut-wrenching. I do understand the need for every possible precaution, but is that wise to have every single bit of wall protected by the air fence? An air fence could have caused more damage by possibly flicking the bikes or the riders back on the track? Then again, after Morales crash at Catalunya looking much the same, maybe it's the right call.

Glad to hear that they are reasonably ok after what was definitely one of the more horrifying accidents.

It was a horrific accident alright and like the Morales crash it was in a place you might not expect it to happen. I've seen far less terrible looking crashes end in far more serious injury and even worse...these guys have been incredibly lucky.

It's the wall I feel sorry for though as it was "totally unprotected".