Nasty Crash Involving Lascorz And Tamburini Sees WSS Race Red-Flagged - Update

The World Supersport race at Silverstone was red-flagged before the first lap had been completed, after a nasty incident in Copse corner. Motocard Kawasaki's Joan Lascorz, who had taken the lead off the line, had his rear wheel clipped as he cut inside by Parkalgar Honda's Eugene Laverty. Lascorz fell, and was hit by Roberto Tamburini's Bike Service RT Yamaha R6 in the back. That impact also launched Tamburini off his bike, tumbling nastily through the grass.

Both Tamburini and Lascorz were removed from the track by ambulance, Lascorz apparently sitting up in the ambulance. Both men were transported to the Clinica Mobile, where they are currently being examined.

Both men have been ruled out of the race, which is due to be restarted in the next few minutes. The crash will have a big impact on Lascorz' title chances: the Spaniard was 15 points behind leader Kenan Sofuoglu in the championship standings, and 7 points ahead of Eugene Laverty in 3rd place.

Reports from Silverstone indicate that both Lascorz and Tamburini are relatively OK. Lascorz is beaten up and bruised, with bruising to his chest and a concussion, while Tamburini has a dislocated shoulder, and bruising to his lower back. 

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After seeing the crash live on TV i thought Lascorz was a gonna
It was a very frightening crash for sure, his survival must be down to wearing the correct gear including back and chest protectors.
get well soon Joan

Its good to hear he's generally ok, I cant believe he hasnt got arm/wrist injuries though as his right arm got caught up in the back of his bike and appeared to be twisted round at least 360 degrees. Hope he is fit enough to race in the last couple of meetings.

Lascorz being run over by Tamburini's bike looked dramatic but that sort of impact is not that unusual and usually is not too bad for the guy who's run over. What really concerned me was Tamburini's impact with the wall - that was pretty bad.

I reckon there will need to be either a re-design to move that wall back, or at the very least some properly fitted Air Fence just in case someone else goes off there. Imagine if someone went off the end of the main straight into that first corner at full tilt and hit the wall like Tamburini did?