Biaggi To Extend Aprilia Deal Until 2012

A variety of Italian sources are reporting that WSBK championship points leader Max Biaggi will extend his stay at the factory Alitalia Aprilia team until 2012. A move to a rival team was never really considered a serious possibility, but the parties were said to be haggling over compensation. All that has been resolved, according to reports, with Biaggi agreeing to a salary of one million Euro per annum, which would probably make the Roman Emperor the highest paid rider in the series. All that remains is for Biaggi to sign on the dotted line. Aprilia is also reportedly keen to retain the services of the current BSB champion Leon Camier. 

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I would hope that Aprilia reward Camier for his loyalty and blatant riding to team instructions in race one at Silverstone :)
I'm sure Leon will be much more competitive next year but maybe he will be looking for a number one slot somewhere else rather than by Biaggi's wing man for another year. I'm pretty sure Leon won't get much say in the development of the RSV4 and will have to ride what he is given, so another team (Yamaha?) may look more attractive to him at this point.

Aprilia cannot return to MotoGP with a version of their RSV4 engine. Aprilia is a factory, and must enter a prototype. A private team might decide to build a bike based on the RSV4 and enter it, but if the Grand Prix Commission (which vets all Claiming Rule Team entries) decides they are an undercover factory team - as would be the case if a rider with a factory contract was entered - then they will be denied entry. So, no Biaggi in MotoGP. At least, not before 2013 ... 

I don't think Biaggi will even consider going back to MotoGP even if Aprilia do decide to enter under the new rules (whatever they may be!). He probably knows he'd get his arse kicked in MotoGP whereas in WSB he can get them to build a bike just for him and he still looks competitive.

if he leaves Aprilia then he has pretty much burned his boats as far as the other factories are concerned, so I can't see a ride in any other MotoGP team being offered to him. By the time his new WSB contract expries he'll be too old for MotoGP anyway.

I can't believe how LITTLE they get paid! All that travel and lack of anything resembling a normal life, not to mention the HUGE amount of danger...and the HIGHEST-PAID RIDER gets a million Euros? Riders in the AMA get paid more than that!

A million Euro is about 1.5 million $. Maybe in the recent past, AMA riders  made more than that (Mladin and Spies spring readily to mind) but in today's rider market  I think it's doubtful that any approach that. WSBK has always been lean salarywise for riders. Haga reportedly makes $800k  Euro and Checa was reported to have signed for 100k with Ten Kate. These relatively miserable numbers (compared to MotoGP) are ameliorated somewhat by contingency bonuses and brand (leathers, helmets and other personal deals) sponsorships.

What if we had the salaries next to the standings after Magny Cours? That would make for an interesting list...

Don't forget they have no "Concorde" agreement for the major manufacturers in WSBK, IIRC. I believe IMS gives money to the teams so they can travel around and make all of the events, but I'm relatively certain that IMS do not give factories commercial consideration for use of their brand. This is allegedly why the Japanese refuse to put the factory name on their team even though they spend millions providing technical assistance and funding to private teams like Ten Kate or Alstare.

Without additional millions from IMS for commercial consideration, it makes sense that WSBK wages would be considerably lower.

A million euro's not much?! Only 25 times the average wage! There's tens of thousand of club and national racers banging around the tracks of the world spending every last dime they can scrimp together to race purely for the passion of it. They take similar if not bigger risks due to the quality of the circuits and safety features there at. Biaggi et al do just fine.