Elias Punished For Misano Moto2 Test Session

Moto2 championship leader Toni Elias' weekend at Brno has gotten off to a rather poor start. The Gresini Moto2 rider has been punished for testing the Moriwaki Moto2 bike at Misano last weekend. Race Direction has ruled that the test was against the rules - as it was a private test at a circuit on the calendar during the official summer break - and has handed the team a 3000 euro fine, and banned the Spaniard from taking part in Friday's first session of free practice at Brno.

The Gresini team did not lodge an appeal, accepting full responsibility for a clear error of judgement. The team had not read the rules carefully enough, and had not thought about the possible ramifications of the test. With Elias sitting on a comfortable 42-point lead over 2nd place man Thomas Luthi, Elias will be happy to accept just a fine and being forced to miss a single session of practice.

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They probably knew the punishment would not be severe, and that a full day of testing would be more valuable than 1 hour of practice on friday

And if I was, certainly there are others.  I'm assuming the one person NOT in any real trouble is the rider. 

Something tells me the proverbial "floodgates" are about to be opened.

A 3000 Euro fine is penneys in GP. With 4 practice sessions returning missing one might not be so bad. I see the punishment becoming much more harsh for next year.

Not a bad trade-off! More teams may consider this. I think more teams and riders are realizing that they need more time on the bike. If this is the penalty then I see this happening more often. Although the costs to use the track and personnel are probably a great amount of money as well.

According to the motogp website he only tested for 2 hours at Misano. So all in all he only gets an extra hour on the bike.
Im not really sure if it was worth it, espcially seeing Elias is going to lose an hour which he could of used to set up the bike to the Brno circuit.

I did not look at the MotoGP website, but was Elias given news coverage like when Ducati launches their new bike on the top of a mountain? There was someone from Dorna there who saw this happening and recorded and wrote about it - and did not say anything to the team!? Can you please put the link to the MotoGP article in a reply post; this sounds too strange.

Maybe it was one of the Jackass guys videoing someone doing something they knew was foolish and stupid (and against the rules) but the lure of TV fame and a better race setup for Brno and future races was too much to resist.

There's a link at the bottom of the story (and here it is again). As far as I can tell, the MotoGP.com story is taken from a press release by Gresini (a lot of news stories which appear on the web are taken from press releases), and so it's likely that nobody from Dorna attended the test. They just wrote about it afterwards.

The Powers That Be should at least make Tiger Toni start from the back of the grid. It would make for some interesting on-board shots.

I'd like to see him run the #1 plate and defend his Moto2 championship next year and then go from there. The problem is, if he wins it, it's what everyone expected. He's a premier class rider in the B class. If it slips away, say he chokes with an 8 point lead in the final race, then he still looks bad because he was beaten by the jv squad.

The Internet Motoracing Community should start their campaign now to sponsor a CRT team for 2012 for the guy because he's always fun to watch no matter what class.

Being knocked down a peg does wonders for the head motivation wise, so I bet he'll either win on die trying if he claws his way back up.

In the header it says that Gresini was fined for " a private test at a circuit on the calendar during the official break ".

Can this be interpreted that teams could test privately at circuits that are not on the schedule ?

Could someone clarify the rule situation please ?

Looking at the Moto GP rules no one, should ever underestimate the power of stupid people in groups. 125cc and Moto2 Classes
Contracted Teams who benefit from or who have been offered a
Participation Agreement to take part in the Championship are
forbidden to practice with those machines:

i) At any circuit between the 1st December of one year and the
20th January of the following year, both dates being inclusive.

ii) At any circuit outside the Continental Zone where the team is
based, (Europe, Asia/Oceania, Africa, the Americas), between
the end of one season and the start of the next season.

iii) At any circuit included in the Grand Prix calendar of the current
year after the date that is 14 days prior to the first race of the

iv) At any circuit included in the Grand Prix calendar of the current
year during “breaks”,
as defined in 1.15.1 above.

The following exceptions will apply:
f) For the Moto2 class, practice at any circuit in the
Continental Zone where the team is based during the
“winter 2009-2010” only.

I can't see anything against testing at circuits NOT on the GP calendar, during the season, and OUTSIDE of all test ban dates .

Sub Paragraph f) refers to testing within the off season test ban dates.

An I wrong here , or...............??

Looking at the Moto GP rules, no one should ever underestimate the power of stupid people in groups.