Bautista Hospitalized With Suspected Fractured Vertebra - UPDATE Given All Clear In Hospital

Alvaro Bautista's rookie year in MotoGP has been incredibly tough. After breaking a shoulder in a training crash while riding a motocross bike in early May, the Rizla Suzuki rider has suffered further injury at Brno. Bautista fell heavily at Turn 3 during this morning's FP2 session, landing on his back and crawling away in pain. The Spaniard was taken immediately to the medical center, where he was diagnosed with a suspected fracture of the L1 vertebra, and then flown to Brno hospital for further medical examinations.

The circuit medical center has ruled Bautista unfit to take part in qualifying practice, and the Spaniard is almost certain to miss tomorrow's race. No news is as yet available on whether Bautista will be fit for the next round at Indianopolis. More updates as and when they become available.


Various sources are reporting that Bautista has been given the all clear by the Brno hospital. No fractures were found during the examination, but Bautista did suffer very heavy bruising on his back, which he will have treated using pain killers and physiotherapy. Bautista is currently on his way back to the circuit to attempt to take part in qualifying.

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Well he's been cleared by the hospital after a CT scan and is rushing back to the circuit to seek clearance to resume the QP.

The best part of repeatedly beating your head against a brick wall is when you: A. Stop, B. Knock Yourself Out, or C. Go into a coma.

I'm really starting to feel sorry for Alvaro, he deserved better.

,,given areal bike he would be fighting for a podium every week. He carries as much corner sped as anyone on two wheels,,

,,fast forward 2 years when he gets his break on the Satellite Yamaha team when they get tired of Cal,,, and bring on the "real" next contender.

wow, pointless dig at Cal Crutchlow there before he has even started his MotoGP career. Shame on you!

Feel so sorry for Bautista. He went to Suzuki as he felt he would do better on a team with "Factory" support. Wish he'd researched it a bit more beforehand! Hope he has a speedy recovery and gets a ride with a decent team to show his potential...

I hope he doesn't come back before he has to. There seems to be this worrying trend of MotoGP riders lately to come back early. Almost seems to be a "who's hardest" competition on some forums. DePuniet is "harder" than Rossi because he is racing again after only 4 weeks. Anyone else quiver this weekend everytime DePuniet lost the bike for a moment? Hope he finishes the race safe...