The Rossi Saga: Part 2, The Leaving Note

Along with the press release from Yamaha comes a separate quote from Valentino Rossi. The Italian wrote his leaving message by hand, and in a rather charming touch, Yamaha have reproduced the original handwritten letter. The quote follows below, with an image of the handwritten page below that.

Brno, Czech Republic
Sunday 15th August 2010


"It is very difficult to explain in just a few words what my relationship with Yamaha has been in these past seven years.

"Many things have changed since that far-off time in 2004, but especially ‘she', my M1, has changed. At that time she was a poor middle-grid position MotoGP bike, derided by most of the riders and the MotoGP workers. Now, after having helped her to grow and improve, you can see her smiling in her garage, courted and admired, treated as the ‘top of the class'.

"The list of the people that made this transformation possible is very long, but I would like to thank anyway Masao Furusawa, Masahiko Nakajima and ‘my' Hiroya Atsumi, as representatives of all the engineers that worked hard to change the face of our M1. Then Jeremy Burgess and all my guys in the garage, who took care of her with love on all the tracks of the world and also all the men and women that have worked in the Yamaha team during these years.

"Now the moment has come to look for new challenges; my work here at Yamaha is finished. Unfortunately even the most beautiful love stories finish, but they leave a lot of wonderful memories, like when my M1 and I kissed for the first time on the grass at Welkom, when she looked straight in my eyes and told me ‘I love you!'"

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I remember that morning in early spring 2004. It was the first season that I bought the package and watched all the races live. It was a great race with Biaggi and while watching the final laps one could feel that something special was happening, even beyond the announcers and drama of Rossi moving to the cigarette sponsored Yamaha team. I look forward to another moment like that.

No jokes or giggles there, Brookespeed. Just plain truth.

Now, damn it all, I have to go out and start stripping all the blue paint off my house. Tomorrow, I'll go to the local paint store, see if they can fix me up with a proper shade of red, and I'll have my work cut out for me for the next week or so...

Do any of you have ANY idea how to fully clean blue paint out of standard red bricks? Pressure washing? I'm open to suggestions.

Geez, but this is a BLOODY HASSLE. :)

p.s. I wonder what the scribbled out bits said...

>>> it would have been my 7th Yamaha R6 (not to foget about the 2 R1's). I never thought I would own a Ducati, but here we go!

No doubt we saw the climb of the M1. My only question is, will we now see the slow decline of the M1?


Never thought I'd own a Ducati either, I have only owned Kawasaki and Suzuki the last 4 or so years I've been riding. Certainly no thoughts of getting rid of my Gixxer, or any future bikes - but suddenly I am feeling that I won't be able to resist the combined forces of Ducati and Rossi over the next couple of years! Yes, I see an 1198 parked in my garage in the near future...!

In summing up his words, he wanted to say he changed M1, so Yamaha, be grateful for my services for 7 years. That is class act!

About describes it.

Well, next season should be very interesting. But then I said the same thing before this season began. And then it turned out to be a LOT less interesting -- competitively -- than I imagined, first with Stoner crashing out all over the place, and then came Rossi's unfortunate accident.

As I recall, Rossi made some mildly disparaging remarks about Hayden around 2006 when Hayden won the title -- like he was not a 'real' rival because he only won one race, or something like that -- so I'm wondering how that partnership will work. But I guess oftentimes these guys are teammates in name only.