Aspar Confirms Ducati Extension For 2011, Hints At 2012 Deal

The Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix has unleashed a veritable avalanche of official press releases about the future of the sport. The latest release is from the Aspar team concerning the extension of their contract with Ducati for 2011, but the release also hints at further developments in the future. The press release mentions Jorge Martinez' desire to field a two-man team on Ducatis for the 2012 season as well, which would appear to contradict rumors linking Aspar to Aprilia. 

For rumors in the Spanish and Italian press have linked the Aspar to a deal with Aprilia to race a heavily modified version of their RSV4 bike in MotoGP in 2012, entering under the guise of a CRT team. Such a suggestion is plausible given Aspar's strong historic connection to the Noale factory, having raced and won many titles for Aprilia in the 125 and 250cc championships. However, given Aspar's strong ties to the Italian manufacturer, the chances of the Grand Prix Commission granting Aspar CRT status should he apply to race Aprilias seems rather slim. A deal with Ducati to race factory prototypes seems a much more likely chain of events.

Excellent relationship between Spanish team and Italian factory leads to fresh deal

The Aspar Team is pleased to announce that it will continue to contest the MotoGP World Championship with Ducati next season, having recently agreed a new deal at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. The Spanish outfit is delighted to extend the excellent relationship they have already established with the Borgo Panigale manufacturer, which has given its unconditional support to the project headed by Jorge Martínez 'Aspar' since it began. The commitment of both parties has ensured that Héctor Barberá has been able to make an impressive start to his rookie season in the premier class.

The recent announcement that Valentino Rossi has signed with Ducati gives the Aspar Team extra satisfaction and motivation, given that the technical expertise of the Italian superstar combined with the experience of Filippo Preziosi, creator of the Ducati Desmosedici - the MotoGP title-winning bike in 2007 - can make it an even more competitive package. For the Aspar Team it is a huge bonus that they will benefit from the genius of both Preziosi and Rossi for the 2011 season.

The next objective for the Aspar Team is to extend the deal with Ducati into 2012 and Jorge Martínez 'Aspar' is already in negotiations with the team's sponsors to expand to two riders.

Jorge Martínez 'Aspar': "I am very happy to extend out contract with Ducati for another season. Ever since we crossed paths everybody in Borgo Ponigale has been completely committed to our project and the relationship is magnificent so it is an honour for us to extend it. So far we have made an agreement for one more season but my objective is for us to continue into 2012 and expand to two riders. Conversations are underway although first of all we need to focus on getting sponsorship in place so that we can make a long term commitment. Aside from this we have the news that Valentino Rossi has signed for Ducati. The Desmosedici is already one of the best bikes on the grid and I'm sure that with his input it will be even better and more manageable. His collaboration will benefit us a lot because I am sure we will have the same bike."

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Great news.

Aspar is a man / team with many fingers in many pies.

He is a great man for the sport. A team in every class.

I hope Ducati look after him with the top of the line kit just like the Factory "Bar-code" team gets.