Scott Jones Indianapolis Photos - Part 2

Valentino Rossi's leg has healed sufficiently to perform his pre-ride rituals again

Kenny Noyes' homecoming did not go as the likeable American had hoped

That faux-hawk hairdo didn't work out for Nicky. It was gone by Misano

Speaking of hairdos, the Fabulous Furry Freak Brother is doing pretty well in his rookie MotoGP year

If this had a bit more flex in, Casey Stoner might not spend so much time on the tarmac

Pol's Purple Helmet

JB and crew spend all weekend pulling grass out of Rossi's M1

Moon over McCray Street

Roby Rolfo hits the front straight

They see me rollin'

Ben Spies had a stunning weekend at Indy

Scott Redding is showing real promise in the Moto2 class

The Suzuki Squad

The Order of the Red Hand

The driving force behind the Aspar team: Jorge Martinez (L) and Gino Borsoi

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.... say ?

these pics are (as always) to notch, with a hint of [lets try something different]

We all know, for ure action shots, pop to Jim Races RO2, but these pics tell another story.

Great work Scott.

Great edits David.

They are beautiful images! Love to see some of these shots in the Motomatters calendar next year!! This year's calendar (the first I've bought) was rather disappointing. Certainly as compared to the classic Motocourse calendars from the 1980s and 90s.

We're very sorry you were disappointed by the calendar. This year's will be very similar to last year's. What it won't be is similar to the Motocourse calendar. We are not Motocourse, and they still sell their own calendar. 

Nice shots Scott. Me-thinks, that if Nicky Hayden didnt spend as much time on stupid haircuts, goatee beards etc, he may do better ...

Interesting to read in some magazine recently, the comments by Rainey and Lawson ( who I respect ), that the riders today seem to be more interested in haircuts, sun glasses etc.
And, of course, stupid antics after the races..

Why... back in my day! Let me tell you!


The shots really are great, though. Thanks for sharing these.

Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos. I personally enjoy the "behind the scenes" stuff just as much (if not more) than the action on-track stuff. Great shots, all.

Great pics.

I think the haircuts and off track antics add to the fun. These guys risk it all everytime they swing a leg over the bike and there is nothing wrong with a little bling to lighten things up a little.

All work and no play make for a boring day I say. :-)