Provisional 2011 MotoGP Calendar Leaked

The announcement of the official 2011 MotoGP calendar - albeit the provisional one - has been a long time coming. Normally, the provisional calendar is settled at the Brno round of MotoGP, but the series' desire not to clash with Formula One means that the Grand Prix Commission has had to wait for the FIA to release the F1 calendar before finalizing their own. With the F1 calendar now provisionally released, the MotoGP calendar is expected to be released this weekend at the Aragon round. 

An early version of the calendar has already surfaced among race travel trip organizers. As their businesses depend upon knowing the following year's schedule as early as possible, MotoGP travel companies are among the very first to know. Our friends over at Pole Position Travel pointed us to a provisional calendar which has appeared on the website of another organization selling MotoGP tickets

Obviously, this schedule has appeared before any official announcement has been made, and so it cannot be regarded as the finalized schedule, but given what we already know about the 2011 schedule - that it will be largely unchanged with respect to this year - the race dates look fairly realistic. As predicted, the season opener at Qatar moves up to March 20th, three weeks earlier than this year, to prevent the World Superbike series having the entire pre-season to themselves. The biggest change to the schedule is Estoril's seemingly annual migration from one end of the calendar to the other, moving to the middle of March for 2011. Elsewhere, Motegi moves back to April, which would have happened in 2010 were it not for an Icelandic volcano. The only direct clash with a Formula One date is on May 22, when the Le Mans MotoGP race is staged at the same time as the Barcelona F1 Grand Prix. Other date clashes happen in different time zones, meaning that the races themselves will be in different time slots and will not clash.

Below is the provisional calendar as we believe it will be next season, but an official version should be available after this weekend:

Date Country Circuit
March 20 Qatar Losail *
April 24 Japan Motegi
May 01 Spain Jerez
May 15 Portugal Estoril
May 22 France Le Mans
June 5 Italy Mugello
June 19 Great Britain Silverstone
June 25 Netherlands Assen **
July 03 Catalunya Barcelona
July 17 Germany Sachsenring
July 24 United States Laguna Seca ***
August 14 Czech Republic Brno
August 28 Indianapolis Indianapolis
September 4 San Marino Misano
September 18 Aragon Aragon
October 09 Malaysia Sepang
October 16 Australia Phillip Island
November 06 Valencia Ricardo Tormo Valencia


* Night race
** Saturday race
*** MotoGP class only

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Moving Qatar up three weeks seems empty if there is just a month gap in there anyway. It'll just be a big tease.

What the hell? One month break and then they get a week to make it from Japan to Spain?

I don't like the calendar, but if that's how Dorna manages to pay the bills...

Lots of back and forth travelling, from Laguna Seca to Brno and back to Indianapolis when the race before Laguna is Sachchenring that is 400km away from Brno.

Stiill doesn't make sense. Logic should decree that they run the USA events back to back aswell as Motegi,Sepang and Phillip Island.
Glad to see an earlier start to proceedings next year.

The best reason not to run the US rounds back-to-back is that fewer fans may try to make both races if they are so close together. Even the way they are now is tough for me to make both events.

I was going to make Indy so I could see the Moto2 riders but was unable this year.

The cost to go back and forth has to be pretty steep so I see the other side, definitely.

That FIVE week gap at the beginning is gunna kill me. Ouch.

You have to look at the schedule not only from the point of view of motogp, but from the points of view of the promoters.

Indy is a good example. You have to avoid conflicts with the other two events there, the Brickyard 400 (July) and the Indy 500 (late may). Those two events and the Beginning of Professional Football in the US dictate late August or the First weekend in September.

The only other possibility is April or very early May, and the weather tends to be relatively cold and wet that time of year in the Midwest. August tends to be hot and dry.

So if Indy is in late August, what do you do with Laguna? You can either run it in Mid-August (leaving an open travel week between the events to travel the 2,300 miles--and that's only halfway across the continent) or before that with other events in between. Perhaps you could do Laguna in May or in conjunction with another flyaway. Like either before or after Motegi.

What does NOT make sense is to go to Brno between the two. Seems like the height of idiocy, but there you are.

Successive races in a country aren't named after the country.

On a different note, still no Balatonring for 2011?

I wouldn't put too much faith in this calendar. This is based on speculation and what few facts we can glean.

The ones we are virtually certain on are:

Ones we think are pretty firm are:
le Mans
San Marino
and will lump in Sepang and Australia but could be dead wrong...

Where things are definitely at risk:
Portugal, Japan, Mugello, Catalunya (one rumour is these will be switched) Japan may move to end of calendar. We have a love/hate relationship with the 'triple flyaway' !

Have been told the official release is 'unlikely' before Sepang

Makes our job a bit tricky as you might imagine... We take bookings based on 'speculative' dates (e.g. above) but if these change we offer full refund. Wouldn't recommend you book flights just yet...

Gordon Howell
Managing Director, Pole Position Travel.