Kenan Sofuoglu To Replace Tomizawa For Last Two Moto2 Rounds

Newly-crowned World Supersport champion Kenan Sofuoglu has made no secret of his desire to move to Moto2 next season. Representatives of the Turkish rider were in the paddock at Aragon, where they spoke to several teams about a ride for 2011. So far, no news has emerged of exactly where Sofuglu will be racing next year, but a hint comes in a press release issued today by the Technomag CIP team.

For the Technomag team has announced that Kenan Sofuoglu is to take the ride left vacant by Shoya Tomizawa, who was killed in a tragic accident at Misano. Sofuoglu is to contest the final two races of the season with the Technomag CIP team, at Estoril and Valencia, aboard Tomizawa's Suter Moto2 machine. 

This is not the first time Sofuoglu has ridden a Moto2 bike: The 2007 and 2010 World Supersport champion tested a couple of Moto2 bikes earlier this year, the Turk describing them rather disparagingly as "like badly set up World Supersport machines." The bikes have moved on a great deal since then, so the comparison between the current machines and Sofuoglu's WSS machine will be very interesting.

Sofuoglu's biggest worry at the moment, however, is his race number. Sofuoglu is highly superstitious about running with #54, the number he has always used in WSS and WSBK, and really wants to use it on the Moto2 machine as well. However, that number has already been used this season by British rider Kev Coghlan, who ran as a wildcard aboard the Joe Darcey Monlau FTR at Silverstone and Aragon, and is due to race at Valencia as well. Under the rules, Sofuoglu will not be able to use the #54, as numbers are awarded for the entire season, though representatives of the Turk are in talks with IRTA about obtaining Sofuoglu's favorite number. has learned that a request has already been made to Coghlan to allow Sofuoglu to use the number, and that Coghlan was open to discuss the issue. With both Sofuoglu and Coghlan likely to enter into the Moto2 championship full time next season (Coghlan is in talks with Herve Poncharal's Tech 3 Moto2 team, and the Monlau squad is also looking at moving up to the world stage) this is a matter that will have to be settled before the season begins.

Below is the official press release from the Technomag-CIP team:

Kenan SOFUOGLU to join the TECHNOMAG-CIP team

Racing together with the TECHNOMAG-CIP team.

Kenan Sofuoglu, born on 25th of August 1984 in Turkey, two times world supersport champion in 2007 and 2010 will race alongside Dominique Aegerter for the two remaining moto2 races in Estoril and Valencia.

Kenan Sofuoglu

"I am very happy to join forces with the TECHNOMAG-CIP Team for the races in Estoril and Valencia. The team has proven this year that they are capable of delivering a race winning bike. I want to thank Alain for his confidence in me and look forward to work with the very experienced crew to achieve a seasons ending that honours Shoya."

Alain Bronec

"First of all, congratulations to Kenan for his second World Supersport championship title. I am happy to welcome him in our team. To compete in moto2 for the last two races is a real challenge. My team and Kenan are ready for it."

Dominique AEGERTER, Kenan SOFUOGLU and the TECHNOMAG-CIP team look forward to seeing you next October 31th, at the Estoril Grand Prix. .

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You meant WSS champ...feel free to delete this post :)

I hope he runs well, and this becomes a full-time ride.

Guess racing is no different, there was a pro football player that always wore the same socks.

On point, Go Kenan, and I feel that it is a worthwhile use of Shoya's ride, fitting to have the parents say they support Kenan while he rides it, or even be at the race to cheer him on.

" and yes I am sure he meant WSS champ not M2

It will be very interesting to see Kenan against the Moto 2 regulars as he is definitely a 600 specialist and always seems able to get to the lead pack. If he can get a comfortable set up, sparks will fly!

That would be the first high profile supersport rider in Moto2 to help us see the level of the bikes and field compared to SSP. His insight would be priceless, and hopefully in Valencia he can put up a good show on a track he knows well. Hope he stays for 2011 (not worried).
Pirro did pretty well as a wild card, and I expected a lot from West but apparently he's doomed to ride underdogs for the rest of his life (he was so brilliant on the Stiggy in early 2009, what a shame) so it's not a fair comparison...

This will be a pretty good measuring stick to compare the WSS level against M2. I have a feeling the top guys in both series are similiar in talent (barring Elias who is clearly better than everyone) so this should be fun to see... though, personally I'm not a big Sofuoglu fan.

Sofuoglu couldn't handle being blocked by Josh Hayes on a Parkalgar (back when they were crap) at the end of 2008 in Portimao. How in the world is he going to handle riding with 40 people who all have roughly the same bike?

Furthermore, if he struggles, he'll take it out on the Techomag team. Maybe not in the paddock but in the interviews about his Moto2 experience. The team couldn't do this. Or the tires couldn't do that.

I'm not sure The Turkish Delight can handle Moto2. He's been on tilt since his failed WSBK bid.

I remember this one particular race when he got annoyed by Hayes who was much slower and caused him to lose time. Riders get angry sometimes, that's a fact, but then he went to win the race in a very convincing way after such a disappointing year in SBK.
For his return in SSP last year he finished 3rd and then this year he wins the title with a 100% podium record, seems he's doing fine these days.
I believe Kenan has shown every race day what kind of fighter he is, bashing fairings for the lead with Laverty, Lascorz or Crutchlow last year, from start to finish, and I don't think he would be "impressed" with the Moto2 field. And by the way SSP has mostly been a Honda cup these years, just fewer bikes on the track.
I've never heard him blaming his bike or making excuses neither.
No one knows if he will be able to run at the front on the word go, but for sure he won't be afraid to gain positions!

Keenan does whinge a little, but he seems like a nice guy. Early this year he had a go at Pirelli and said the tyres were not good. Laverty got up next to the interviewer and made a point about how good the tyres were!

And his hat at the last WSS round was awesome.

that people on these types of sites continue to cast aspersions about the character of riders and particularly their propensity to 'whinge' or not, purely based on their T.V or print experiences. People in glass houses....It's human nature to have a bit of a bleat if things aren't going right. we ALL do it to a greater or lesser degree.

Kenan looks so natural on the SS bike. I am sure he can bring this form into the Moto2 class. Good luck. It's great to see riders from non tradtioal racing countries perform so weel and in Kenan's case become a multiple world champ.

Kenan took a swing at another rider during competition at speed on the front straight at Portimao. Saying that he has a propensity to whinge might be an understatement. Didn't help that he was swinging at a very well like American either.

The only reason I don't completely slag him off is b/c 1. this is motomatters and 2. his brother's tragic death surely obfuscated his life, career, and mental stability.

We should all invite ourselves over to his house to get to know him before commenting on sports personalities.

How do you suggest we form opinions?

I hope he does well. He clearly has a way with the SuperSport bike.

..... hope Kenan Sofuoglu does really well.

We know the bike is upto scatch, so it will be intresting to hear his thoughts on #Moto2. Perhaps even say whats wrong with the class (power) and whats right.

Am I also correct in thinking that if Kenan wins on a Moto2 bike he will be the second only rider to win a World Super's (Sport) race and a Dorna GP race ?

I know Bayliss got it in 2006, last race of the 990's, People were hoping Ben Spies might do it at Valencia 09, but a 7th was his result.

I know Bayliss was WS BIKE rather then WS Sport, but this would still be a great result.

Good luck to him & all the Marc VDS racing team.

wiggysan seems to forget chris vermulen was world supersport champ and superbike runner up(winning in both classes) as well as winning in moto gp (was it le mans in wet) so may be kenan will be third

wiggysan is talking about winning races in the SAME season. Bayliss won the Valencian GP in 06 as a replacement rider for Gibernau after the WSBK season had ended. when Vermeulen won the GP he was a full fledged GP rider, so he could not have won a WSBK race the same year as a GP

..... yes, I was meaning the same season!

I did not think I needed to point that out on this website.
If I was posting it on Crash however, I would have used crayons !!

Thanks for the heads up / support.


at an American during competition? I don't recall any Americans racing at the same end of the field in WSS as Kenan.

Josh Hayes filled in for Craig Jones for the last three rounds of the 2008 season. He diced with Sofuoglu for the first half of the last race of the year at Portimao, until Sofuoglu got the better of everyone. I remember it so well because the first story I ever sold to a magazine was to Road Racer X about Josh Hayes at Portimao...