Phillip Island Photos: Saturday

With the weather greatly improved from Friday, our shooter-on-the-scene Andrew Gosling of TBGSport ventured beyond the confines of pitlane, and sent us back the following shots:

Peek-a-boo part 1: Randy de Puniet

Strong winds, torrential rain and flooding, and one of the fastest tracks in the world. Kenny Noyes has his work cut out learning Phillip Island.

Looking to the future: Karel Abraham will be in MotoGP next year

45 came very close to being #1 in QP

Peek-a-boo part 2: Colin Edwards

Kornfeil and Koyama, hoping the weather will hold off

Sandro Cortese: Italian name, German passport

Even the earplugs are high tech in MotoGP

Peek-a-boo part 3: Valentino Rossi

Fresh off his maiden win in Moto2, Roby Rolfo is down the field in Australia

Eyes on the prize

Peek-a-boo part 4: Jorge Lorenzo

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Love those shots of the riders' eyes, completely focused, even in the box.

Tiny correction though: The rider with Koyama is Jakub Kornfeil, not Marquez.