Yet Another Public Secret: Capirossi Confirmed At Pramac For 2011

The years of surprise rider signings are long behind us, the internet having kicked the rumor mill into overdrive - not that it needed much encouragement. So the official confirmation today that Loris Capirossi has signed for the Pramac Ducati team should surprise exactly nobody. Rumors of Capirossi's unhappiness with his current Suzuki ride have been circulating since the middle of the season, with the Italian veteran being linked with Pramac shortly afterwards.

Now, it has been made official, and the Italian will make a return to Ducati, albeit with the satellite Pramac squad. Conspiracy theorists point to that other Italian joining Ducati being behind the move, with rumors that Valentino Rossi helped the move along by pointing out Capirossi's long experience with the bike. Mentioning such subjects in the presence of anyone in a Marlboro Ducati uniform generally provokes laughter, so quite how seriously such suggestions should be taken is open to question. Below is the text of the press release:


Another Italian rider will enter in Pramac Racing Team's history next season. Loris Capirossi with which the Ducati satellite Team has just concluded an agreement that will see him wear the white-green of the Italian Team. A great experienced rider to celebrate, next year, the ten years of Pramac's involve in the two wheels World. Loris will have the chance to ride again the Ducati 800cc that was able to develop in the 2007, when the rider ended the World Championship in the seventh position. The season that will end in two weeks with Valencia's Grand Prix, was not the best season for the Pramac Racing Team and thanks to the arrival of the 125cc and 250cc World Champion the hope is that next year the Italian Team will conquer good results. Loris is considered one of the icon of the MotoGP World Championship in which he has regularly taken part from more than twenty years: he has the record of Grand Prix, until today he have raced 313 Gran Prix. In his long career, the Italian rider has won 29 Grand Prix and had conquer 99 podiums and three World Championship, two in the 125 cc class, in which he holds the record of youngest rider to conquer a World Championship, and one in the 250 cc category.

Paolo Campinoti - Pramac Racing Team Principal

"We are very pleased to have closed an agreement with one of the most experienced riders and one of the most titled of the current MotoGP World Championship. The deal between us was very simple because Pramac Racing Team, and him, always aim to try to fight for important results. We do not need to talk about Loris, we all know him, we know his value and we are sure that thanks to his quality, we'll have fun next year on all the tracks, taking also some satisfaction. With Loris we will celebrate our tenth anniversary in the World Championship and this is a real honor for us. We know that Loris had conquer in his career 99 podiums and we hope to achieve together the triple digits. I would like to thank our partners who have welcomed our choice and we hope that Loris's and Pramac Racing Team fans will follow us with passion during next season. "

Loris Capirossi

"This return on a Ducati bike make me feel like a child. I do not feel my 37 years! I have a great desire to start this new adventure, I'm enormously pleased about this new agreement that was reached with the Pramac Racing Team, this will allow me to ride and be part of an Italian Team. I would like to thank the Team Principal of the Pramac Racing Team, Paolo Campinoti, for giving me this great opportunity and for the confidence placed in me. I'll find again the Ducati, with whom I had very good results over the past years and that I was able to develop in the 2007, this is an unique sensation for me. I thank Suzuki for the years we spent together and thanks also to the excellent relationship maintained with them, they had give me the possibility to race with my new Team since Valencia's test of next month."


2010 - MotoGP - not finished yet
2009 - MotoGP - 9th
2008 - MotoGP - 10th
2007 - MotoGP - 7th
2006 - MotoGP - 3rd
2005 - MotoGP - 6th
2004 - MotoGP - 9th
2003 - MotoGP - 4th
2002 - MotoGP - 8th
2001 - 500cc - 3rd
2000 - 500cc - 7th
1999 - 250cc - 3rd
1998 - 250cc - 1st
1997 - 250cc - 6th
1996 - 500cc - 10th
1995 - 500cc - 6th
1994 - 250cc - 3rd
1993 - 250cc - 2nd
1992 - 250cc - 12th
1991 - 125cc - 1st
1990 - 125cc - 1st


29 victories
99 podium
41 pole positions
2 times World 125 cc Champion
1 times World 250 cc Champion
313 Grand Prix

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Capirossi is a great rider both talent and persona. I think going back to a Ducati will be a boost to the end of his racing career, he is obviously winding down who knows how many more seasons he will compete. I think too many people forget how successful he was with Ducati, even though he didn't clinch the title in 2006.

Now if we can just ge Hopper back in GP damn it!