Weather At Estoril: Windy, Showery, But There Should Be A Race

After heavy rain and high winds washed out qualifying at Estoril yesterday, the prospects for Sunday look a little better. The sun is making an occasional appearance during warmup, but there are also plenty of dark clouds about and the occasional smattering of rain. Most of all, the weather is changing constantly, driven by the very high winds which are still buffeting the Portuguese circuit, hardly a surprise given the track's location perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

The track and its surroundings are still soaking from the storms which rolled over the area overnight. The after-effects of localized flooding had been mostly cleared on the way in to the track this morning, but the scars were still visible, with rocks and branches piled at the side of the road. The weather is expected to stay relatively stable - or perhaps reliably unstable is a better description - with rain showers blowing in fast, but blowing out again just as quickly. Today's races will take place on a wet track, with occasional spots of rain, but at least they are almost certain to take place without endangering the health of the riders.

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And I thought that Phillip Island was bad!

Looking at the weather report it's only a few degrees warmer as well. At least penguins don't live at Estoril! Haha. :P