MotoGP Valencia Test Images - Day 1

A taste of 2011, from the lens of Joe Wierzbicki:

A piece of history: Valentino Rossi out on the Ducati for the first time

Casey Stoner - flying from the start on the Honda

Mad as a box of frogs: Marco Simoncelli was quick on day one

Lone Star

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... I dont get that feeling.

Stoner is going to do well on the Honda as he is a similar build and size to Dani.

As for 5 titles in a row...... Nope.

Great photos, congratulations to Joe Wierzbicki on some fantastic shots. It's interesting to see Rossi running the Ducati 'winglets;' if they really are to aid air extraction from the radiator, I wonder if they are needed on both the big bang and screamer variants, or if one version needs to shed less heat than the other.

My main question, though, is about the Honda. Why does HRC put their brake lines out in free air (see Casey's bike in the above photos)? I don't notice it much on other bikes (though it may be happening, look at Spies' M1 above), but Honda always seems to have excessively long brake lines flapping in the wind. Do they have brake fluid heat control problems? I can't think of any other reason for not tucking them out of the way, since those lines must be adding measurable drag to their aero package.

Yes,I too have noticed the front lines which seem to be too long. Only on the Hondas.
The Winglets on the Ducati, I thought they were for front downforce ? Gaz.