Looking For A New Bike? You've Just Found It...

... But it's going to cost you! Fortunately, your hard-earned cash will end up doing untold good for Riders for Health.

For the past 18 months or so, Don Emde has been building a unique Yamaha YZF-R1. With the assistance of Valentino Rossi and his designer Aldo Drudi, as well as a host of motorcycling greats such as Roland Sands Design, Yamaha USA, Ohlins, Akrapovic, AGV and many more (see this page for a full list of the people behind the project), the former Daytona 200 winner has created a one-off Yamaha painted with Valentino Rossi's "Five Continents" helmet design. To top it all, the bike has been signed by Valentino Rossi himself.

The bike is to go up for auction at Bonhams this Saturday November 13th, with all proceeds from the sale going toward supporting Riders for Health, helping provide primary healthcare to remote locations in Africa. Don Emde and his team are hoping to raise at least $50,000 for the bike, and given the list of components used, that seems like it could be at the very low end of what the bike could fetch.

So if you're looking for a new motorcycle, wanted something completely unique, and would like to see something positive done with your investment, there is no better option than to put in a bid for the bike.


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It takes some serious talent to make the current model R1 even more hideous. With the kit it has I'm pretty sure it's a capable street bike but damn does it look awful.

is hella cool on the AGV, and I would love to own 1 if I have the spare cash but on this R1......I'll pass on it. Great collector bike though, as a showroom queen.

That is one eye-catching bike! I think the painjob on the front goes really well. Although not if you're against the 'bug-eyed' look.

If I saw that coming towards me I'd probably just freeze, wondering what it is and what I should do next. Haha.

I am a big fan of "Less is more" when it comes to bikes. Especially race bikes. I like them raw. That thing is way too much for my tastes.

but I'm sure someone will love it enough to pony up.
An a** for every seat, as they say.

It's for RfH, hope someone loves it a *lot*!

Really want to have it cuz it is the one & only, unfortunately I am not a millioner. Damn, If I were a MILLIONAIRE, I WOULD BUY IT. NOT AFRAID TO CASH MY MONEY ONE MILLION DOLLARS.......

I've always loved the purposeful unpainted matt black look of many test bikes (sadly excluding the GP11) because the lines are clear, defined and not obscured by graphics.
You would have to wear lots of bling if you rode that R1- if it ever gets on the road at all.


I swear I have seen this bike -- or this design, rather -- before.. Laguna Seca ('10, Yamaha tent) maybe? Id have to check the pictures.

You'll see it at Laguna Seca with Rossi earlier this year if you just click on the links provided.

Personally, for a one off I like the style of the paintjob, but I can't get over the cartoonish looks of the R1. It is so out of control, trying so hard. I am sure in the future when we look back on designs like this we can't believe we once took them seriously.

I like the look of the bike and the paintjob....


We had this bike in our shop for a couple of months displaying it for Riders for Health. Believe me when I say, this bike is much, much better looking in person. Quite beautiful in fact. I am by no means a fan of the R1's looks, but the more time you spend looking at this bike, the more you appreciate it. What you can't see in this photo is the level of detail lavished on it. The spec list is quite impressive and you can easily get lost in the details. More than likely, this bike will end up in a collectors hands, but this machine is built and meant to be ridden. It really has some tasty bits on it, and would be one helluva track machine. Some lucky bastard is going to end up with one amazing machine.

Does it come with the schmaltzy 'BYE BYE BABY' T-Shirt too ?
Good cause behind the idea,but surely Rossi could have persuaded Yamaha to join the party and auction off just one 2009 M1 supplied with a basic ECU just to make it rideable at a special event.
While on the subject,the collection of bikes at Assen recently was awesome.
Even the Guzzi with the dustbin fairing.
What happens to the old race bikes the following year ?
Understandably the winning 2007 Ducati,2006 Honda,2008 Yamaha and so on rightfully deserve their places in the factory museums.
But what of the rest. Surely they don't just get recycled.
Auctioning the spare bikes off minus the the super secret bits should generate plenty for the factories or good causes.