And Now For Something Eerily Similar: Moto2 Test Images From Joe Wierzbicki

I know this guy... That's not his number!

Kenan Sofuoglu - he learned on Sunday not to try and out-crazy a Moto2 rider

The wildest of the Moto2 Wild Bunch: Scott Redding

Not Karel Abraham - Lukas Pesek tries the Bimota for size

The gamble on the Harris chassis didn't pay off for Kenny Noyes and his interminably named "Jack&Jones By Antonio Banderas Racing Team". Switching to a Suter is amuch safer bet

If we find anyone who will say complimentary things about the MZ chassis, we'll let you know

Spanish rider, British chassis, Italian bodywork: Pol Espargaro on the FTR-framed Speed Up

Rosbif Bradders in with the Frogs: Bradley Smith signed for Herve Poncharal's Tech 3 Moto2 squad

If the question is "Can you wheelie a Kalex?" the answer is "Yes"

MotoGP Refugee: Mika Kallio is hoping to "do an Elias" in 2011

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Surely Neukirchner can get a better ride than the MZ??? Hope he does well and brings a lot of sponsorship dollars to that team so that they can build something decent.

As a long time Yamaha developing rider, and committed Tech3 rider in MotoGP, Edwards agreed to help his boss Poncharal in the development of the Mistral 611.
His lap-times weren't mind-blowing but his huge amount of experience (both on production bikes and prototypes) has been valuable to the team.
He was riding Mike Di Meglio 2011 race bike while Bradley Smith was getting used to the category on the 2010 bike.
Probably just a one-time thing.

CE was just trying to help get Tech 3 out of the mid-pack results they attained by helping to further upgrade/update/develop the chassis for better all-around results. With his background in set-up and development, they should have gained some info as to which way they need to go with their chassis to be more competitive. Sounded like a good, all-around knowledge gaining test. Wasn't meant to set the world afire, just to move up/forward with settings.

Mike 'Stu' Stuhler
Stuman714 in Indy

in the CE11 riding two sec's off the pace, over and above being unable to set up his own M1 which he has ridden forever. People for some reason says Casey moans. The biggest bleaters in the paddock are the CE11 and the now no more Melandri.

You'all got to check out a quite long interview/commentary with Colin Edwards on Moto It's on the long live video a little less then 2 hours into it. He talks about just about everything including the bikes, how good he thinks Spies is going to go next year, ect. It's very very good! :)

Sofuoglu is far and away the craziest rider on the track. Swinging at other riders, slowing down for no apparent reason, or maybe for fun, pushing the limits beyond the limit.

Yes if Moto 2 thought they have seen crazy before the paddock is in for a surprise! I should be an interesting season...