More Valencia MotoGP Test Images, From Joe W

#1 - Dorna will be happy he's running that

Qantas really should step in and sponsor Casey Stoner, if only for the livery

Cal Crutchlow's first official outing on the MotoGP bike went pretty well, all things considered

Now if only Ruben Xaus would join the Yamaha MotoGP team, they'd have all the 1s

A happy bunny. Qatar can't come soon enough.

Not a happy bunny. But there's plenty of time between now and Qatar.

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Hot damn!! Look at Stoner in photo #5 - is it just me or is the swingarm about to touch down??
How much edge is on those tyres? It's like he's riding on the edge of the edge!! :O

Time to think about retiring ! ? Rossi ? 2 days at Valencia, nothing to gain, lots to lose, surgery a couple of days after. So what did Lorenzo win for posting fastest time of the 2 days? No suprise with Stoner though, i guess when they stop the electronics intruding on his style he'll find the limits of his new mount and crash.


"Quantas really should step in and sponsor Casey Stoner, if only for the livery".

Great idea but since QANTAS is known for it's impecable safety record then if they did sponsor Casey he'd have to stay upright 100% of the time.

On a side note, and being picky, the spelling is QANTAS without the 'u' - it's an acronym for Queensland And Northern Territory Airway Service (if you wanted to know)

Congratulations on a great site and thoughtful analysis - I can't wait for the 2011 season.

If Stoner were to run Qantas Livery, they might make him use Rolls Royce engines!

I worked on Rolls Royce cars.. who would have thought even the plane engine would leak oil..
or anything British leaking oil...

Well, yes. They started adding them mid-season last year in an attempt to fix the troublesome front-end problem the Ducati was (still is) having.

I'm seriously thinking about starting some sort of petition to get him to wear those leathers and livery hahahaha. Seriously though, that looks BADASS!

Not only would Casey be obliged not to crash, he would also have to return to the pits after one lap. There's no future in this relationship.

Any word on whether Rossi is gonna keep his Monster sponsorship with Ducati? I don't recall seeing their logo on Rossi's helmet in testing. Also wonder if Stoner will join the rest of the Repsol team with the Red Bull sposorship on his lid.

I thought the body position of these guys is pretty interesting. Lorenzo is barely off the bike. Spies looks a little bit crossed up compared to Crutchlow. And of course a great shot of Rossi looking straight down.

Spies is a wee bit taller than Crutchlow. Hell, at almost 6ft he's taller than most of the guys on the grid. He's gonna look a bit crunched up compared to someone who is 5'6".

Spies style is very reminiscent of a certain Australian who dominated GP500 in the mid-late 1990s, at least to my eyes. Mick Doohan used to look as if he was crawling along the side of the bike when cranked over, and I see Spies is doing the same (or similar).

There are certainly worse people to copy (whether intentionally or unintentionally).

Top picture. What do you see?

#1 FIAT.

And that is what is (probably) going to be on track throughout 2011. Because, if you were the guy at Fiat who made those kind of decisions, would you say, 'nah, we definitely don't want #1 Fiat on global TV screens, mags, papers, websites, etc. throughout next year?

So, those predicting that Italian company Fiat would dive in to link up with Italian GOAT Rossie and Italian Ducati.............maybe, pause for thought.

Rossi did not give them a #1 Fiat all those championship years. I'm sure #46 on a Fiat is more than the money's worth, and some pretty cool Rossi Fiat cars :) Surprisingly the #1 Fiat came from Jorge even though it is only for 2 days of testing.

Seems like a certain Jorge baiting Fiat like how Rossi bagged Biaggi's Camel back in the days, lol!

Again some awesome shots. Love the Moto2 shot of Colin wearing a big Yamaha on his leathers whilst wringing the neck of a Honda engine. Just Colin.
Agree with you Ducatisti83. Man, Stoner's livery was something else.
Feel like taking one of my old Ducati's down to the custom shop and having it made into a 500cc L-Twin replica of....Dammit !!! Almost forgot he was on a Honda.
Great shot of Lorenzo unashamedly carrying that richly deserved #1 and Ben complimenting it with double 1. As David pointed out, Xaus will carry his Nelson in SBK.
Anyway,I am firmly of the opinion that the top 3 in the Championship at seasons end should be obliged to carry #1,#2 and #3 on their front fairings. Should be mandatory. Let them put their #27's, #46's where they subtly will.
Newcomer's to the sport often don't know anything about the men behind the mask. My daughter asked me during the Phillip Island race in 2009 who is the best ? I said that right now its the World Champion, the man on the bike with #46 on it.
Then why is he not #1 ? I said...'I'll explain when we get home'.