MotoGP Back On British Eurosport For 2011

Good news for MotoGP fans in the UK, and everyone else capable of receiving Eurosport (such as via the Eurosport player). Everybody's favorite (English-language) MotoGP commentary team will be back in action for 2011. For British Eurosport has once again struck a deal to cover MotoGP, featuring the dulcet tones of Toby Moody and Julian Ryder, along with expert technical analysis by Neil Spalding.

British Eurosport will cover all 18 rounds of the 2011 MotoGP season, with the 125 and Moto2 races being shown live, and the MotoGP races delayed by one hour, a concession to the BBC, who have also have a contract to air the MotoGP races, one considerably larger than the Eurosport deal. So British viewers will be able to watch the action twice: once in full, on the BBC, and an hour later, revisit the whole thing with commentary from Moody and Rider.

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I'm really pleased they are back on again but it sucks theyre still not allowed to cover the live race.

The BBC pre-race coverage is great, but they rarely show the press conferences (and sometimes not even the podium) and charlie cox is awful.

I used to watch it on BBC on Astra... guess I will switch to Italia 1 or some spanish site.

Yeah I do miss Randy running up and down the pit lane giving punch by punch reporting. It added more "realism" to the whole broadcast imho. My personal viewing choice to be honest is to watch the MotoGP International Feed with Nic Harris, Gavin Emmett and Ian Wheeler. I enjoy their commentary just fine and having Ian Wheeler in the pits is nice to hear what going on during the race.

To be honest, by virtue of living in North America, I'm content to watch any broadcast (including foreign language broadcasts) for so long as I don't ever have to tune into SPEED which is perhaps the worst channel in the history of all sports broadcasting. That having been said, Thank-god for the "Internets". Without the ability to download European broadcasts I probably wouldn't even watch MotoGP because dealing with SPEED's 50/50 Content to Commercial ratio is simply more than I can handle. It basically ruins the broadcast.

Anyone from North America reading this knows exactly what I'm talking about, it really is that brutal.

Not to go off on a tangent, but the words brutal, incompetent, disrespectful, destructive to the sport and lame all apply to Speed. The only source of quality to Americans is the MotoGP subscription and their team is quite entertaining and, of course, knowledgeable.

There you go raising my hopes with a headline like that, only to follow through with 'delayed by an hour'. So we still have no choice but to listen to the Beeb's inane droolings. Honestly it's not all that bad, but only because nothing stands up to the quality of Moody & Ryder.

I have to agree whole heartedly with the comments from ArclightX and muttskie about Speed.
What we have to suffer here from Speed should be considered "cruel and unusual punishment"!
We have suffered the Lucas Oils commentary all season and for that insight - have missed the podium interviews. Can Dorna please do something about this?
Pardon the rant, Speed just gets me wound up!

I've been a MotoGP subscriber since 2001. Sometimes at a friends house or a pub or somewhere, I'll only be able to view the Speed channel, usually for an AMA race or SBK, and I am always thinking at least I can watch superior MotoGp coverage and commentary from MotoGp's website at home. I get up very early in the morning to watch the live content when they race in Europe and will stay up late when they are in Australia. It really doesn't matter the time as I prefer to watch it all live. I would love to be able to get BBC and Eurosport coverage but, alas, here in USA/Calfornia - not possible.