Ratthapark Wilairot Seriously Injured In Road Traffic Accident

Ratthapark Wilairot, the Thai rider who raced for the Stop&Go Moto2 team in 2010, has been seriously injured in a road traffic accident in his home province of Chonburi, Thailand, according to reports from StayOnTheBlack.com. Wilairot was reportedly traveling as a passenger on a motorcycle piloted by a friend, when the pair crashed at 3am on Monday morning. The accident proved fatal to the rider, while Wilairot was taken to hospital in Bangkok with serious injuries, though the precise extent of his injuries are not known at this time.

The Thai rider is being kept in intensive care, but StayOnTheBlack.com is reporting that Wilairot has now regained consciousness and has spoken to doctors. Doctors at the hospital are expected to issue a statement on Tuesday.

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I recall the interview with Rossi in "Faster," the movie.
He said that he did not ride a motorcycle on the street because other drivers were "facking crazy."
I think a lot of professional racers don't ride on public streets.
I wonder how poor Ratthapark found himself on the back of someone else's bike.

Even presuming it was in more innocent circumstances than I ever did as a youth Thai's tend not to wear anything more than rudimentary 'helmets' an open shirt and flip flops whilst riding.

Fingers crossed for a full recovery and back on the grid 2011.

Nicky Hayden saying in a promo for the Ducati 848 that he avoids riding on the street whenever possible. He rode like a grandma in what looked like the rural mid-west.
Hell, James Dean filmed a commercial for seat belts just before his fatal accident.
My condolences for Rattha's friend - let's hope to see him back next season.

It's Thailand.......EVERYONE rides a bike or a scooter. That's how Rathhapark grew up, and what makes him such a good rider.

I hope he recovers from his injuries and is able to ride again. It's horrible to think what effect it might have on him considering his mate was killed. I just hope he was wearing a helmet as most Thai's see them as an 'optional accessory'.

Yes, its THAILAND, I have been there dozens of times.

I see the way they ride there on the streets, often a family of five people on a bike.

Totally crazy there, and without jumping to conclusions, riding at 3:00AM ??

Scooters, underbones are common transportation in Southeast Asia, heck, I had a Honda Wave-I as my main bike and a sportsbike for the track in Singapore. We grew up viewing motorcycles as a form of transportation, not a toy. Crazy or not, we need to get to places to get things done.

Also in Southeast Asia, it's a 24/7 lifestyle. Uncommon to be out at 3am even though many might think of what forms of activities may be available, I'll guess I also have to give Wilairot the benefits of doubt, plus with the passing of his dad recently, I do not think he is in the mood for partying.

Godspeed to his buddy, his dad and Wilairot, I hope you get well soon and get over this tripping stone. Please get well soon!

This sucks. I really like Ratthapark's riding and am always pulling for him. This sort of stuff can seriously screw with someone's head. Hope he has a better 2011.

Latest reports say he's still in intensive care but improving. He is under heavy sedation to try to prevent cerebral damage.