Ratthapark Wilairot Update: Conscious, But Not Yet Speaking

More news on the condition of Ratthapark Wilairot, who was seriously injured in a road traffic accident that killed the rider of the motorcycle the Thai Moto2 rider was a passenger on. News emanating out of Thailand, in both the Bangkok Post and the website StayOnTheBlack.com suggests that happily, Wilairot's condition is improving.

According to the reports, Wilairot is now conscious, though the Stop&Go rider is still unable to talk. Fears of brain damage appear to have been allayed, as though Wilairot is not yet capable of speaking, he has been able to communicate with the doctors by a primitive sign language, and answer some of their questions.

Wilairot usually lives in Spain, but had returned to Thailand to attend his father's funeral. Christmas Wilairot, himself a former motorcycle racer, died last week of liver cancer. The service for Ratthapark's father has been postponed, in the hope that Ratthapark will have recovered sufficiently to attend his father's funeral.

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No doubt he had a better life comparing to lots of other kids in his country, BUT to be away from the family mostly for the past 3yrs, lose his father recently to cancer, a friend days ago, it is mentally crushing and I feel sorry for him.

Get well soon Wilairot! You gave us extra motivation that world stage is possible for South East Asia racers.