2011 Motorcycle Racing Calendar Now Shipping - Get One In Time For The Holidays!

The 2011 Motorcycle Racing Calendar is finally shipping, and just in time for the holidays. Scott and David are busy stuffing envelopes and sending the existing orders out, and our stock of calendars is dwindling fast. So if you want to get a calendar in time for the holidays, as a gift for your motorcycle-racing obsessed loved one, now is the time to put in your order.

The calendar has a double-page spread for each month, with one of Scott Jones' fantastic photos above a month grid containing birthdays for most of the leading riders in the MotoGP, World Superbike, Moto2, World Supersport and 125cc classes. The main feature, though is the highlighting of every MotoGP and World Superbike round on the month grid for easy reference when planning race trips or viewing parties. The center pages feature a double-page close-up spread of the 2010 MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo.

This year's calendar is large (12" x 9.25", or 30.5cm x 23.5cm), and features an additional high gloss finish to make Scott Jones' pictures shine. The calendar is to be produced in a limited run, with no more to be produced once the calendar sells out. Full details of the calendar are shown below


The calendar is very reasonably priced at USD 21.95 plus shipping for all except customers in Europe or the UK. European customers pay EUR 16.95 plus shipping, while UK buyers pay GBP 14.95 plus postage. Shipping in the US will be done by USPS Priority Mail, meaning US customers should receive their calendars within 2-3 days of ordering once the calendars have been produced, Canadian and Australian orders will take a couple of days longer. Shipping in Europe will take place by European priority mail, and take 2-3 days to arrive after ordering. Any orders placed now should be with you by early December, barring any production disasters.

For orders of up to 3 calendars, either head on over to the order page, or select the number you want to order from the list of locations shown below. If you are resident outside of the countries shown below, or would like to order more than 3 calendars, drop an email to with your question. subscribers do not need to order a calendar, as their calendars will be shipped to them as part of their annual subscription. Bargain hunters should consider taking out an annual subscription, as the subscriptions include a free calendar every year, a free t-shirt plus the ad-free layout which subscribers are raving about.

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Technical details

24 pages + cover
12" x 9-1/4" finished (12" x 18-1/2" flat)
80 lb paper stock
5/5 Process Color + Ultra High Gloss varnish 
Folded, with a saddle-stitch and punched hole.

Below you can see a sample double-page layout. US readers should note that the calendar grid has been laid out with the week starting on Monday (European style). This is an explicit choice; the purpose of the calendar is to allow our readers to see the racing at a glance, and as the races are nearly always run on Sunday, it is much easier to see when a race weekend is if the calendar starts on Monday, rather than on Sunday (US style). If you click on the image, you will see a much larger version of the layout, which gets the point across better than in words.

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We have a few days of summer rain here now and today the two calendars arrived in their cardboard envelope - a bit bent and with a corner soaking wet! Luckily the pages aren't sticking together so I'll likely be able to dry them out. Should be good.

But was shrinkwrap or some other plastic envelope an option? After all in other parts of the world they're under snow!


Hi Brian,

Shrinkwrapping is an option we shall look into, though it may add to the cost of the calendar. We get surprisingly few complaints about mishandled calendars (I was expecting more, but the postmen and -women around the globe do a fine job, still), but we may need to look at something like this. We'll solve the problem with the pair that got damaged. 

Hi David,

Have all calendars been shipped now?
Do you know how long they take to get to the UK?



The calendars have all been shipped. I'll check to see when the shipping date was for your calendar, and email you when it went in the post!