HQ Moving - Site Operating At Half Strength

If has seemed to be relatively dormant over the past few days, there's a very good reason. HQ is being relocated, from the Netherlands' oldest university town to a small town in the east of the country, close to the city at the heart of Operation Market Garden. As a consequence, staff - or more specifically, your humble correspondent - is spending an inordinate amount of time on matters such as removing old wallpaper, packing up a couple of years' worth of MotoGP memorabilia, and sorting through those piles of papers that have been sitting there doing nothing for the past thirteen years we have been in the house.

As a consequence, time to write has been limited. Naturally, we shall continue to keep an eye on the world of motorcycle racing, and report on anything of significance that happens. And of course, we have a few pieces held over (and still being worked on) which will be appearing over the next few weeks. Most of all, we shall continue to focus our efforts on ensuring that the 2011 MotoMatters racing calendars reach everyone in time for the holidays and the new year - the first batch of orders has already gone out - as well as continuing to process the brand new T-shirt which is currently being printed.

Once the move has been completed (in the first few days of 2011), normal service will be resumed, and we'll be back up to speed, bringing you news and analysis from the world of international motorcycle road racing of the quality you have come to expect. But until then, please bear with us, and keep an eye on your RSS feeds.

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I don't think I want to know where you are moving, but it must be with good reason ;)
Take your time, enjoy the holidays and have a great New Year's.

I hope it all goes as painlessly as possible.

David, I have a request which would give you a job for the new year and new location once you're settled in (and assuming that it's not just me suffering from this??)

The growth in the popularity of this wonderful site has seen the comments sections on some of the stories very often roll over to more than one page. After reading the story and the initial comments, my M.O. when coming back to the site to catch up on things is to click on the new comments link, which works fine when all the comments are on one page, but as soon as the comments/new comments are spread over two pages the 'new' suffix in the comment title disappears and it is nigh on impossible to keep up to date.

Is there a fix/work around for this?

Thanks in advance.

If you could fix this it would be great.

A fix for that problem would be greatly appreaciated.

Good luck with your moving and thank you for all your fantastic work with this site!

Acknowledged as one of the most stressful things to happen in life - and with Christmas to boot! In a fair world, Dr. K., you would have people to do this for you - as a senoir figure in motoGp reporting, you deserve no less.

Of course, the world is often not fair - however I am sure we, your faithful readers etc. (ok, this isn't working, is it?) will battle on...

Good luck, and here's to as much peace and relaxation as you can get. We understand, we really do...

Aside from a death in the family, there isn't much worse than moving. My condolences. I'm preparing for the same fate myself.

Not sure where you are moving to but Bremen, Arnhem, Groningen used to be my old stomping grounds when I lived in Germany.

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In addition to being a motorcycle fanatic Im a student of WW2 history, and one area I like to read about is Operation Market garden , what a bold move to try and end the war early, lots of respect for the Airborne soldiers jumping into Holland!


... ya love all the stuff you find that's been "missing" forever when you move? Anyway, onwards and upwards, congrats.

Hey, ANY updates you give or report on are good to me. Hope the move goes well. I think everyone on here just wants to be sure you are not going to disappear. There is no methadone for this addiction to Motorcycle racing reports and updates you give.

Just want to take this opportunity to bid you luck in your move and wish you and all the contributors to this great site a Merry Christmas and a good New Year. Cheers from down under.

I would rather paint the house than move! Good luck with the move and then find time to enjoy the 'quiet season'.

Hi David,

Just throwing in my .02, good luck on your move! You gotta be sorry to be leaving Leiden - I _think_ that is the oldest university in Holland, so hopefully I'm guessing correctly. Hopefully in your new town by Arnhem, you and yours will be comfy as well.

Thanks for all your hard work with this most important site!

Ja, ik ben ook een nederlander :)

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