Wrooom Photos: Nicky Hayden In Full Ducati Colors, With A Guy Called Rossi

The photos are already all over the internet, and will be filling up the pages of the motorcycle racing press (or what remains of it). That doesn't prevent us from jumping on the bandwagon, and publishing a few of the press shots released by Ducati of Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi in full Ducati Corse getup. Click on the photos for desktop-sized images, and enjoy!

The 2011 Marlboro Ducati MotoGP team

Fortunately, Rossi and Hayden get along well

The same cannot be said of the Ferrari team. Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa are joining Rossi and Hayden at Madonna di Campiglio

Snow. A relative rarity in Owensboro

The Money Shot: Ducati CEO Gabriele del Torchio, with his MotoGP team of Rossi and Hayden, with team bosses Alessandro Cicognani and Vito Guareschi

They found a way to put some yellow in Rossi's leathers

both on the front and on the back

Fortunately for the designers, Nicky Hayden uses fewer colors

The "Other Guy". The one who was world champ back in '06.

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Kind of digging the winged sword logo on Haydens right shin. Hope he keeps it for longer than a year.

Nicky and Rossi look a lot happier than their Ferrai compatriots. Ducati should do an "odd couple" type promotion or video like Yamaha used to do with their riders. Would be pretty good I think

"Kind of digging the winged sword logo on Haydens right shin. Hope he keeps it for longer than a year."

What happened to his "All in on 69"?

Was his motto for the last race of 06 when he won the title. It was all in or nothing.

I know beaty is in the eyes of.... But come one, those are just ugly

After seeing this for the 3rd time today I believe they changed the Red that is on top of the arms. It looks more Orange then the deep red on most ducati paraphernalia.

Is he sneakingly holding his ground ? A pack of Marlboro 20's in each of the front pockets of his jeans ? Anyway,I prefer Nicky's layout. Valentino's is a 'me,me' as per usual.
Left to right,Alonso : Grumpy,but enjoyed the vino.
Massa : Relaxed and resigned..(can't get back to business quick enough).
Rossi : 'Me,me' and don't stop loving Me.
Hayden : 'Smile for the camera'...We're up against it this year,without Stoner.

... :-) nice one!

That red + yellow color combination of Rossi is ... interesting ...

the red and yellow don't match very well.

Anyone notice that VR's helmet design has reverted to what he used when he first switched to Yamaha?
Not superstitious at all... hence the continuance of the gaudy yellow in leathers, no matter how bad it looks.

Don't judge the look of any of the leather suits until you see what they look like on the bike... for instance, most of the black won't be noticeable at all.
And yes, reports are that most racers are superstitious (remember Barry Sheene and his Gary Nixon T-shirt?) and apparently Rossi is just as bad.

As much of a Rossi fan as I am, I can understand the discontent from Lorenzo towards the dainese company. I frequent their website, as I am a huge fan of their gear. As as mentioned in the article on superbikeplanet, Dainese has done very little as far as marketing the 2010 MotoGP world champion. Their website still has Rossi everywhere.
From a marketing perspective, I would do the exact same thing If I were in his shoes. Lorenzo's number 1 goal is to become more famous and recognized than Rossi.

However I don't think it's a slight at the Italian public in general as Alpinestars themselves are an Italian based company.

I doubt Lorenzo's #1 goal is to become more famous then Rossi, however, more championships (as difficult/near impossible as that may seem at the moment) I would guess is the true goal.

And as far as pure marketing, Alpinestars don't have their new world champion signing listed or pictured on their website either at the moment, for whatever that's factoid is worth.

but technically, Dainese hold all the rights to any sort of marketing images of Lorenzo that may have been taken prior to Jan 1st 2011. Much like Rossi riding the flat black desmo, Alpinestars must respect Dainese's loyalties on things regarding Jorge as the 2010 World Champion.

Even still I'm sure when Yami releases their 2011 media campaign alpinestars will be in full promo mode.

Article from superbikeplanet:


Most professional athletes are superstitious. Chris Chelios, a hockey player in the NHL for 29 seasons(yea you read that right, 29 seasons of playing professional hockey), used the same shoulder pads since high school... He was drafted to the NHL in 1981 for reference of just how long that is... I cant imagine that they were any good anymore. But he insisted on it.

I mean Im not even a pro athlete and I always put my left everything on first. Arm in a shirt, leg in a pant, boot on a foot, glove on a hand. The one time I put my right glove on first... I crashed. So I always put the left on first. Its not difficult and makes me feel better.

I happen think Hayden's leathers look pretty darn nice. Rossi just looks okay.

Now based on these leathers, I'm guessing the Desmo GP11 livery will have more white in it than we've seen in previous years.

Well I suppose we will get used to it, but it seems weird seeing the Doctor in Red, just a thought but it looks a bit orangegy to me. For those of on the other side of the world, who and what is "TIM", I presume some sort of insurance or telecom Co.
For all those Queenslanders now experiencing the biggest flood in the last 50 years hang in there it will dry out soon, [hopefully]

Telecom Italia Mobile (#1 cell phone in Italy owned by the incumbent wired lines carrier). Or maybe Tim Billerbonk (a secret advisor :)

Looking on Autorsport you see they are using the new forks with a tripple clamp that looks more like the Yamaha flexi top tripple clamp that gave the riders the feeling they needed to use the bigger forks in 2010.

...the team logos for Ducati and Ferrari are nearly photo-copy identical.

I can't wait to see how the brainless MORONS in various governments and/or media outlets accuse THESE logos of subliminally looking like Marlboro logos, forcing us to "go...must...purchase...cigarettes...now..."

(If it would provide much needed budget for teams that need help, and if it would bring the spectacle back to racing, I'd be just fine seeing a Marlboro logo on EVERY machine! I don't smoke, and seeing a logo isn't gonna make me start...)

the 07 helmet. I just like the simple sun and moon logos.