The 2011 Ducati Desmosedici GP11 MotoGP Bike - Photos And Video

Yellow vs White: Ducati's 2011 MotoGP team

So many sponsors are lining up at Ducati that they're using every available space to put stickers on

The triple clamps have been slotted to add more flex at full lean

Pick your poison

Beware of the dogs

The general consensus seems to be that Hayden's three-color scheme is nicer than the bike when Rossi's yellow is added

150 years of Italy. And they call the USA a young country



A longer fairing, double radiator exhaust vents, repositioned winglets. The GP11 features radically revised aerodynamics

The 2010 Desmosedici. Comparing the old bike and the new bike, the changes are very visible

Finally, has a video walk-round of the GP11, capturing the bike in three dimensions:

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I like it!

Rossi spent a LOT of time negotiating his colors into that livery. You need only glance at it to see how good he was with negotiations. Well...that, and the fact that they wanted him to be happy...

It's obnoxiously loud. Enough to distract the eye from the quirkier elements of the Ducati design... Yep, it's definitely an improvement. In an over-the-top kinda way... Mind you, I've never liked the look of this bike in the first place...

The front looks more round and bulbous and blunt-of-nose in profile than last year's bike...and just about every single last conceivable thing is enclosed...

I'm still looking at the pictures...

Is it me or does the fairing look like an eighties stroker?
The retro color scheme fits the new tupperware design. The red I think looks more pink than it is in reality. The yellow is kind of what you'd expect: not ideal but definately Rossi.

The fairing takes a much more rounded look and the lines between the tank and fairing all make it look like something out of Classic Racer. I think it looks great. They yellow mixed in is a slap in the face at first but right after you get over that it has a unique appeal. It's almost so much of a mess than it too looks a bit of a throw back when sponsor material was pasted all over bike and rider with little concern for aesthetic. I dig it.

There are very subtle differences between the two bikes. I can spot 4 so far. (I've looked at a fair few other pic's on other sites as well showing different angles)

1) Rossi's rear cowling is shorter
2) The intakes on the rear cowling are smaller on Rossi's bike
3) The front Air intake on Nicky's bike is a different shape
4) Nicky's screen is at a steeper angle.

The first 3 are the a little intriguing.........

Probably more down to having the development being a continuous process and needing something to show the press than any conspiricy.

Still....... Air intakes and cooling play a BIG role for a lot of reasons.

agreed on the different rear cowl, And Nicky might prefer a higher bubble, but at this point I would have to vote that these bikes are functionally identical,,

I might as well like it (was not sure at first). I do like Nicky's colors better...Now I just hope they can win some races on them.

the Kanji on the black portion above the footrest saying? A message to yamaha perhaps, or a fake affectation logo? Never noted it before, but then I don't make a habit of scrutinising every detail of Rossi's bike / leathers / tribal folklore.

This is the translation from a Japanese friend of a friend who works in the moto industry.

"It says "Good luck Rossifumi". Rossifumi is his old nick name before doctor. He called him self Rossifumi cos he used idolise Norick Abe way before he passed away.... Abe's real name is Norifumi Abe, so decided to fut fumi after Rossi :) Most Japanese fans call him Rossifumi still :)"

Thanks to Kyoko!

It is possibly the longest running of his personal stickers, and dates to his 125 days.

First time I think I have ever seen Nicky without a ton of Alpinestar on. Not since the days of Joe Rocket for sure.

1) Rossi's rear cowling is shorter
2) The intakes on the rear cowling are smaller on Rossi's bike
3) The front Air intake on Nicky's bike is a different shape
4) Nicky's screen is at a steeper angle.

I think these are mearly detail differences for rider spec.

They aero package is that important at this level. Riders are different sizes and have different natural riding positions. A one body fits all approach would not do the job efficiently enough.

David - are they running an oil cooler or have some "hot" system near the airbox? There is a NACA duct on both bikes on the upper-right side, next to the Ducati name. It is only on the right side, not the left side. It being on just the right side makes me think that it is cooling a specific system as opposed to the general engine / transmission.

cooling for the ECU, they can get quite hot with all the processing power they're packing these days.

Did Rossi really needed to colour the seating yellow.

There is no way in the world that yellow belongs on that bike I don't care who you are.

I love how Rossi has reverted back to the old gothic helmet. Clearly a sign to all that although he has aged, he still has the same hunger for victory he had the last time he wore this style.

Funny, the bright colour schemes were originally to be noticed so your sponsors were happy, and now a solid colour like the Rizla blue really stands out. See the pics from the Valencia testing? Remember how striking the plain black (Rossi) and white (Stoner) schemes looked?

Imagine if they carried that through and were wild enough to wear black leathers? The racing world would go into shock.