Ducati Test Team Wraps Up Testing At Jerez

After three days of work at Jerez, the Ducati test team has packed up and is heading home to Bologna with a couple of disks full of data and a few ideas to help improve the Desmosedici GP11 for when the official riders start to test again in 12 days' time. Work for Vito Guareschi and Franco Battaini has focused around improving the front end feel of the GP11 - something that was the bane of the 2010 bike - and a revised electronics package, improving the traction control and anti-wheelie systems.

The team now takes the solutions found to Sepang, where Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden will be able to put them to the test at race pace. That will take place at the first official MotoGP test of 2011, from February 1st - 3rd.

Below are the official press releases from Ducati's test team:

Day 2


Vittoriano Guareschi and Franco Battaini completed the second day of a three-day Ducati MotoGP testing session at Jerez de la Frontera, lapping until the track closed since weather conditions have made it pointless to ride prior to lunchtime. Guareschi completed 59 laps, while Battaini turned in 66.

"We started the test at 1 p.m. since the morning was foggy, as usual," said Guareschi, the Ducati Marlboro Team Manager. "It was nice and sunny in the afternoon though, and we got in some good laps. I worked on the chassis, while 'Batta' continued with the electronics. Today I worked a lot on suspension, along with Öhlins technician Mike Norton, who looks after Valentino and who took advantage of this test to familiarize himself with working on the GP11. Franco is at a good point with his work dialing in the anti-wheelie control, so I'd say that for now, everything is proceeding according to plan."

Day 3 - Ends


The Ducati Test Team's third and final day of testing at Jerez (Spain) began at around 11:30 this morning, allowing Vittoriano Guareschi and Franco Battaini enough time to complete the GP11 setup test planned by Filippo Preziosi. The Italian bike's next outing will be at the hands of the Ducati Marlboro Team riders February 1-3 at Sepang, in Malaysia.

Vittoriano Guareschi finished riding at around 4:00 p.m. after completing 61 laps, while Franco Battaini continued until the track closed at 6:00 p.m., turning in a total of 90 laps.

"We were lucky," commented Filippo Preziosi, "because the weather conditions enabled us to test for all three days of the session. We identified two setup configurations that Vittoriano determined to be suitable in terms of front-end feel and turn-in. With Franco, we found some interesting solutions for both anti-wheelie control and traction control. We're all satisfied with the work carried out, even though we're aware that we're dealing with technical solutions that were tried on a different track and in different conditions compared to those of Sepang. Only when Valentino and Nicky have had their turn to try and evaluate those solutions will we be able to have a more certain confirmation and to understand if we've taken a step forward—and if so, how big of a step."


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Very, very interested to hear Nicky's comments about the bike when he gets on it for the first time with this iteration. His input will have to be critical because VR won’t be fit enough to give 100%. Exciting times

I understand from Wroom comments that Vale wants no wall this year - another indicator that Nicky's input will be valued. Will a wall go up if Nicky's performance is better, or are the two "old dogs" able to work together to make the Ducati a better machine?

I hope we get some news on Honda's progress before testing starts that might provide hints on who's winning the influence battle between Suppo and Puig or Casey and Dani on their development. Casey's unique preferences on the Ducati may cost him in pushing the HRC folks - but I guess we'll see in days. The walls at Repsol will likely have barbed wire on the top.

Yeah he said that there would be no wall this year, since he needs access to Hayden's data to progress.
So no wall...at least until Rossi takes the advantage over Hayden.

Batta and Vitto have put in the laps, but how their preferences and direction translate into Sepang lap times for the factory riders remains to be seen.
Ducati have made so many changes to the GP 11, I can't see how Hayden and Rossi can possibly thoroughly test everything available to them in 2 weeks time.
It seems to me that Ducati went off at a tangent to somehow magically conjure up a bike based on a few pointers from Rossi, while the test riders have been trying to 'feel' a way forward with few reference points. I reckon it would have been smart of them to test the GP 11 alongside the GP 10 over the passed 3 days.
Too much too soon,I think. Would love to be privvy to the lap times.
Two weeks to find out whether all the hype has been justified.

What the Ducati PR machine churns out and what is actually happening on an engineering level are 2 completely different things. I'm sure that over the winter break every manufacturer on the grid is testing changes to the chassis, swingarm, forks, and electronics. Ducati is the only one that needs to trumpet that these tests are 'due' to Vale's unprecedented calm and prioritization skills.

Back to back testing would be useless as both bikes would be 2-3 sec off the pace and therefore have completely different tire heat/wear characteristics. These tests were to make sure the bikes/settings were in the ballpark so that as soon as Nicky and Vale get on them to test they can try to do fast laps and not have to spend any of the limited testing time dialing in the basics.


They did not in list Bayless for this test?

He can definitely ride a GP bike at race pace. I wonder if he was approach and declined etc.... or what the politics behind this may have been?

Anyone, anyone;-)