2011 Moto2 And 125 Estoril Test Day 2 Another Washout

Day 2 of the test at Estoril was, if at all possible, even more of a lost cause than the first. More rain came in throughout the day, accompanied by very heavy winds, making riding almost impossible. Tech 3 Moto2 team boss summed it up in a couple of sentences. "You can't get anything done in this weather," he said. "You go out for two laps and then it starts raining again."

Very few riders ventured out in the treacherous conditions, most deciding, as Robertino Pietri posted on his Twitter page, to stay in the race truck and watch TV. Of the few men who did ride, there were a number of crashes, including Randy Krummenacher, Bradley Smith, Aleix Espargaro, Dominique Aegerter and Max Neukirchner, though all escaped without injury.

The test concludes tomorrow. There is some hope that the weather will be better on Thursday than it was on Wednesday, but even so, conditions will be far from ideal. The rain should at least stop, but the temperatures will remain cool and the winds very strong. If it does stay dry, it could get very busy out on the track tomorrow afternoon.

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