Pedrosa Has Plate Inserted In Collarbone, Still Uncertain For Barcelona

Dani Pedrosa has finally made a decision. After two days in hospital mulling over the best course of action, Pedrosa has finally decided to have surgery to have a titanium plate fitted to fix his right collarbone, just a month after having surgery to have the plate in his left collarbone removed.

Pedrosa faced two options: do nothing, and treat the collarbone by immobilization, hoping it would heal naturally, and face a recovery period of at least a month. Alternatively, he could have a plate fitted, with a very good chance he would be fit to take part in the next MotoGP at the Barcelona track in Montmelo.

Under normal circumstances, the choice is very quickly made: surgery is the fastest way to return to racing. However, Pedrosa's last experience with surgery was horrendous, leaving the Spaniard with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, the plate partially obstructing the main artery supplying blood to his left arm. Pedrosa was hugely relieved to have that plate removed, and having a new one fitted will be a mental strain.

The press release says that Pedrosa is still uncertain for the Catalunya round of MotoGP at Montmelo, but the decision to have surgery points towards a deep commitment to doing whatever it takes to be fit in time for the next race. His participation will only be officially announced a week or so before the race, in all probability.

Below is the official press release announcing the surgery:

Dani Pedrosa undergoes surgery on his right collarbone

After contemplating his options for a few days and talking further with his doctors, Pedrosa has decided to undergo surgery to repair his broken right collarbone, the result of the crash he suffered in the Grand Prix of France.

Dani has put his trust again in surgeons Dr. Joaquim Casañas and Dr. César García-Madrid, the same medical team at Teknon Medical Centre in Barcelona, who performed the operation on 6 April. At that time, they removed the plate from the left collarbone to decompress the subclavian artery.

In today's operation performed at midday, a titanium plate was inserted to fix the fracture in the right collarbone. Following medical checks, the Repsol Honda rider will be discharged from hospital and in the next week he is expected to begin passive rehabilitation.

Dani's participation in the Grand Prix of Catalunya remains uncertain.

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for taking his time in making a very difficult decision. I hope, though, that it is entirely his decision and not one overly influenced by any individual whose percentage is dependent upon on Dani's contract being renewed at the end of the year.

Dani has a contract with HRC for 2012, but I hear ya.

(Longtime reader making an effort to chime in some more. Hellooo motomatters)

I am rapidly finding a lot of respect for Dani Pedrosa and his determination to battle back after injuries. I had previously put him down as another privilidged Spanish kid with slightly above the average ability, lucky to be nurtured but always falling short. I think he's matured over this past year and has now got the potential to get what he wants.
I guess Casey Stoner is the fly in that particular ointment but I wish him well!

I've actually started to respect him this year as well - he's been riding very smart races and seems to have a bit more of the "get in there and fight for it" spirit which seems (to me at least) to have been lacking in previous seasons. I hope he gets well soon.

That having been said, he seems pretty fragile. I get that crashing at speed is no joke but it would seem that he suffers more breaks etc. than other riders. He's maybe just unlucky but he does seem to get seriously injured more often than not.

I hope he's back and in good form sooner rather than later.

A three time world champion who's never been lower than 3rd in the 800 era? Boy you mark them hard Max Power.

Pedrosa has always had my respect. The start of the 2010 season seemed to signal a bit of a change - more determination - as he took an evil handling RCV and turned it into the best bike on the grid, in conjunction with his team and HRC. Riding through it's early faults to what should have been a fantastic win at Jerez until his RCV'S fueling programme took over. Pedrosa has also somehow managed to up his game on the anchors (his achilles heal) in the last twelve months. O.K he's not going to out brake Rossi, but as we've all covered ad naseam that's due to his short arse stature.

Mentally this episode must have been a big challenge to Pedrosa but by the sounds of it the determination remains to fight tooth and nail for this title. The man is a bloody hero. Go get 'em Dani.

Absolutely my opinion. Nevertheless I ask myself if natural healing wasn´t the better decision. Maybe it takes a little longer to heal, but from my point of view (experience with broken collarbones) it´s the better "solution" (clean fracture). More time for his body and mind to relax, reflect things and come back in 6-8 weeks even stronger.

But as we all know: REPSOL, Puig, etc. means pressure, expectations, etc. It´s just not always the best solution for the rider an his health. We´ll see. I wish him the best, hopefully he can make it and become the last 800cc champ.

Hope DPs collar bone heals quickly but saw some thing yesterday that this crop of riders may benefit from, A show here on Speed in Aus is best bike battles and have just seen a brilliant battle between Wayne Rainey and Kevin Schwantz in 1989 at Suzuka,that is what racing is like, passing each other aggresively but safe at least three or four times a lap, racing side by side and it was brilliant, and I know the bikes and tyres and just about everything else was different but good close safe passing is still good close safe passing. Maybe they can set the current crop of riders to see the show as a good lesson on how its done. and all of us will benefit

They used miniature parts this time and he will not experience any problems. It would be nice if he can saddle up in Barcelona.

The guy is fragile but he does take a punch and get back up!! As a former athelete that suffered a number of injuries, that I mentally never recovered from, he's definitely got my respect!! To get hurt so often and come back and back with so much speed is extremely impressive.

Also - his first collar bone was due to a mechanical (throttle stuck) the second with Marco. Both avoidable (though I am still in the "it was a racing incident" with Maro) Tragic non-the-less. I hope he continues to show us what a tough little S^&T he is... Go Dani!

If he got rid of Puig I could actually love the guy;-)