Pedrosa Still Uncertain For Barcelona

The collarbone Dani Pedrosa broke in Le Mans remains a problem for the Spaniard. Pedrosa fractured his right collarbone in the crash with Marco Simoncelli which saw the Italian penalized and stirred up a good deal of controversy. Coming as it did just a few weeks after Pedrosa had finally had the plate removed from his left collarbone, which had been partially blocking his brachial artery and causing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, the fracture caused a massive dilemma for the Spaniard: should he plate the collarbone and attempt to return to racing as quickly as possible, and go through the misery and stress of worrying about a repeat of his previous experience, or should he be patient and wait for the bone to heal naturally, potentially missing two or three races and writing off any chance he may have for the title?

In the end, Pedrosa decided in favor of speed rather than caution, and opted for surgery to plate his broken right collarbone. But despite the surgery, Pedrosa is still not certain of taking part in his home Grand Prix at Barcelona. Writing in his blog on the Repsol website, Pedrosa says that he is still not thinking about the race in under two weeks time. He is taking things one milestone at a time, Pedrosa writes, the following step being having physio on the shoulder to help him mobilize it, after having it immobilized since the operation. He is unwilling to look much beyond that at the moment, saying only, "I have to see how my collarbone develops day by day." His goal is to follow his training and medical regime religiously, and ensure he is fit enough to ride the bike as well as he can.

An early decision on a return to racing is unlikely. Pedrosa will probably wait until the middle of next week - just a couple of days before the event is due to begin - before deciding on whether to race or not. Having the race just a few tens of kilometers from his home gives him the luxury of making that choice.

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My sympathy for Dani. His history in the MotoGp lane has proved he didn't deserve this fate. i just hope he'll get out of this stronger, more focused and hardened, instead of becoming desperate and bitter. Now he has to prove his metal.

He's never had a shot at the title. Yes he was not at fault this time, but he's his own worst enemy. He's fallen down on his own much more than any "bad luck" he's had. Dani Pedrosa is the biggest disappointment in MotoGP since he came up in '06.

First, I was no Pedrosa fan like many Americans because of the '06 Nicky incident. And, probably as a fan I bore too much of a grudge for far too long.

However, I believe last year Dani started to show real genius in the advancement of his personal racecraft skills. Four wins in 2010 with 3 races not ran because of his left shoulder injury (and let's not forget how much magic Lorenzo put down in 2010, so that was some heavy competition). I found his showing in 2010 to be quite impressive.

This year, I believe he was really hotting up again too. A third, a second, and a win in the first three races. And until the Marco incident (regardless on where one places the blame), was certainly panning out for Dani to pull another podium, and take over the championship lead (regardless of whether he would have grabbed 2nd or 3rd place at Le Mans).

From my casual couch viewing, I think he has demonstrated these last two seasons, something I personally haven't seen in him in all his prior years in the premier class (and arguably even missing from his 250 days)... an ability to dice it up, and counter-attack with fellow racers. And an ability to stalk. Prior to 2010, I think Dani had a reputation (and it was probably grounded quite a bit in reality) that he could only whole-shot flag to flag win; or at best an early-lap punch out drive to the checkered flag. But he really seems to have matured from that prior race form. At least in my opinion.

Would he have won 2011? Heh, nobody, not even the the Great Carnac could have predicted that. And we'll probably never know. But certainly, without that Le Mans mix up, in 2011 Dani had his best shot so far at grabbing a title. With the coming of the 1000s, I wonder if that shot will forever be lost to him. In any event, I wish him well in his recovery; racing is better for both the riders and the fans when the top of the field is fully fit (or near fully fit).

I too was a Pedrosa hater at first. Due to two things - the Hayden incident, I saw an overzealous Pedrosa almost ruin Hayden's shot at a title. Puig, I hated everything he was doing in the paddock and saying about Hayden.

Over the past few years he has really developed into a great racer. Last year he had a shot at taking the title until the Motegi crash, I really felt bad and the season wasn't exciting anymore as the title chase was pretty much done. Honda should be kicking themselves in the ass for that mechanical malfunction with the throttle.

I was looking forward to this season seeing Stoner and Pedrosa duke it out for the title... Hopefully he can get back on the grid and score some crucial points. Just hope he is fit, he is one rider that always seems too eager to get back on the bike when the right thing may be to get properly healed first.

Hope he is back healthy soon.