Rumors Suggesting Pedrosa May Have Reinjured Collarbone In Training Accident

Dani Pedrosa's annus horribilis has apparently gone from bad to worse. Very strong rumors - completely denied by Repsol officials - are circulating among the Spanish press in the paddock at Barcelona that the reason Dani Pedrosa is absent is because he has suffered yet another injury to his collarbone. The fullest report so far comes from the Spanish website according to, Pedrosa crashed while training on a Supermoto bike, falling on his right shoulder and aggravating the collarbone that was plated after his crash at Le Mans.

HRC had already confirmed that if Pedrosa was unable to ride at Silverstone, Hiroshi Aoyama would move up from the Gresini Honda team to take Pedrosa's bike at Repsol Honda. Honda test rider Kousuke Akiyoshi, who rode Aoyama's Interwetten Honda last year while the Japanese rider was injured, will step into the Gresini team to take Aoyama's bike once again. If the rumors of Pedrosa's injury are true, then Aoyama is now certain to ride the factory Repsol Honda at Silverstone.

The most worrying of the Spanish rumors for Honda is that the crash has had a profound effect on Pedrosa's morale. Motocuatro describes Pedrosa as being "emotionally shattered", and is reporting that Pedrosa is seriously considering his long-term options. This is a serious question, as there are 6 MotoGP races between now and the end of July, and a third race without any points would put any hopes of a championship completely out of reach. So the rumors, reported by, suggest that Pedrosa may decide to take the rest of the year off to recover fully, instead of continuing to come back early and risk further injury. As Pedrosa has a two-year contract with Honda, running for the 2011 and 2012 seasons, he should be able to come back to HRC next season, when the 1000cc bikes make their return.

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At the time of the clean break at LeMans, Daryl Beattie said that when he was racing and someone had a clean break of a collarbone, they'd plate it up and be on the grid the following weekend, if there was a GP. Daryl did exactly that one year. I think he said he also did it without painkillers too.
Therefore, if DP does not race at Silverstone, you'd have to assume that he's re-injured one of the collarbones.

Why will Ayoama get the factory ride? With the current form of Simo, would he not be the more obvious candidate for the full factory seat. Admitidly it will only be a formality as he is effectively on a factory bike right now. But the honour of riding in full Repsol colours surely is not to be sniffed at.

Two main reasons, one minor one:
1. He's already on a full factory bike.
2. Unfair to Fausto Gresini to remove his best and most prominent drawcard, and source of success.
3. It would be kind of ironic if Sic were to take Ped's place, as he was a contributing factor in Ped's absence in the first place...not sure Repsol would be too keen on that either.

As has been stated, Simoncelli is already on a factory bike so there is no benefit to moving him whereas Aoyama is not. Add to that the size differential and that compounds the problem. Hiroshi is much closer to Dani's size that Simoncelli is so that is another reason.

Firstly, I don't know if it counts or not, but it would be a smack in the face to give Sic the bike that belongs to the rider he took out. As you also mention he's already on a factory bike so there's no real performance gain for Sic whereas there is for Aoyama. Aoyama being the only Japanese rider on the grid is definitely appealing to HRC as well

As for Pedrosa...there are numerous cliches that sum up his situation. I actually think that sitting out the season could be great for him. Dose him up with extra calcium milk every day, let him get FULLY fit and recovered and let him have another crack in 2012.

One real big reason Sic would not get the Repsol ride......... Puig would freakin implode! Loved the 2012 crack pun!

Though undoubtedly a very good mentor for junior riders (just look at the list of his former pupils), I have long suspected Puig's attitude and apporach don't work for an individual rider's manager at the pointy end of MotoGP.

Let's just hope it isn't ture, as Dani on a HOnda is about the only thing that'll stop a runaway championship for Stoner unless Yamaha/Ducati find a solution fast.

Sorry to see this happening to Pedrosa, but I would like to see what Aoyama can do on a factory ride. Hopefully, if he does ride Ped's bike, he'll be allowed to ride his own race and not be told to take it easy and just ride the Repsol bike around for appearances; ie, don't crash.

[... is seriously considering his long-term options.]

Have a lot of sympathy for Pedrosa. Seems like a nice guy who's had so many injuries. And adult bones just do not heal as well as those of children. Even though the collarbone is not really a weight bearing bone, it's no doubt an important lever/support point for the muscles needed to throw the bike in and out of curves. Such high stress cannot be good for healing, at least in the early stages.

Heard also that Bautista's results may be suffering because he worries about the leg (femur -- a much more serious injury) he broke earlier.