Sunday Race Day Photos From Beautiful Barcelona, By Scott Jones

Lean angle

Lorenzo's pretty good at that too

If this had been the battle for 1st, the race would have been called a classic. Instead it was for 9th

Three Kalexes. Kali. Kalex'. I'll check with Alex Baumgartel

Spies put in on the box on Sunday, made Momma proud

Maverick's biggest fans

The race for 2nd in Moto2 was outstanding. And controversial. Here, Sofuoglu leads Espargaro, and Aegerter leads Marquez

Fast, by Simone Corsi

Alex Criville demonstrated next year's winning Moto3 bike, the Honda NSF250R

Marco Simoncelli bogged it off the line, and never recovered in the race

Lap 2. Dovizioso would pass Rossi, and that was your racing order

Come to Catalunya. It's beautiful.

Paris did, and loved it

But Nico Terol beat her boy into second, with a little help from the judges

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Great fotos of the amazing lean angle these guys can achieve. Despite the power and speed and therefore the ever-present risk of injury or worse, there is some elegance in this sport -- the way these guys can maintain the perfect line, including lean angle.

Question: Is Spies' mother always around? I seem to read about her often...

She is Ben Spies manager, so I think she is at every race.

Stoner laying down on the job?!

It's amazing how styles have changed over the years. First it was getting your knee down, then the occasional elbow - now we're looking at Stoner almost getting his shoulder down!! How long before they get there heads down do you reckon and helmets are fitted with chin-sliders?!!

Ace pictures as usual from Scott.

was Casey looking?
The kerb, the white line, firmly ahead, what?
I'd like to know.

Wow- that photo of Casey is a beauty! Does he lean anymore than the others? Still when they cut to the on board gyroscopic cam it takes a couple of corners to realise that they are not in the process of crashing!

Casey lean's more than any other rider. Gavin Emmett and Nick Harris have commented on it before. This photo was just forwarded to my entire office and is my new desktop background. Thank you, Mr. Jones.

Looks like you could almost make that picture by laying your bike down ;-)
It does look like Stoner moves his upper body away from the bike more than other riders. I can only imagine what it must look like, gazing over the track like that, just about ten inches above the asphalt. Phenomenal.

Anyone have an idea how fast Casey would be going in that corner? Unbelievable skill. Hah, try that on a GP10/11!

This photo of Stoner and the Friday pic of Simoncelli are two of the best studies of supreme riders showcasing their craft I've seen.

If this is Stoner riding with a margin in hand, god help his opponents.

Thanks for the great pics.
The Casey pic is a beauty, also Simo's helmet is awesome.

Casey seems to lean further with the top of half his body, would this move the center mass of the motorcycle forward, giving him more front end bite and feel?

Is this reason he can ride the ducati when no one else on earth can?

Be interesting to see slow motions shots of Rossi and Stoner at the same corner and I bet you'd see Stoner hanging off the bike to the front.

If this is the case the Rossi should go practice on a flat track, speedway or grass track bike. The 'slide up the bike then lean' brigade.

How about an article analysing rider position in detail when riding the ducati Mr Website administrator?