Scott Jones On Wednesday: English Portraits

It may be hip, but the mohawk look really hasn't worked out for Rossi, either last year or this year

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German rider + German team + German bike = Moto2 domination

What's on a man's mind. Especially when that man is Ducati team boss Vito Guareschi

Colin Edwards, just as the drugs start kicking in

Reasons to be cheerful, part 4

Graziano and Uccio, father and best friend of Valentino Rossi

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I like the picture of Rossi - it's not often you see the serious side of him. He's normally mugging for the photogs but this picture definitely tells another story story.

Rossi's mohican haircut is pretty ill-starred. He had it when he crashed at Mugello last year, and this year it helped him to record his worst-ever qualifying position.

He needs to ditch it, pronto...