2011 Assen MotoGP: All FP2 Sessions Canceled Due To Oil On Track

A grenaded engine in Moto2 FP1 has had dramatic consequences. The engine of Alex Baldolini MGM Forward Racing Suter let go in the final minutes of FP1, depositing oil on the track, but due to the spray and rain, Baldolini was unable to see the problem, and Baldolini cruised around for half a lap with oil pouring from his bike.

The mixture of oil and water, but most especially, the extent of the spillage made it a herculean task to remove the oil from the surface before the next sessions could be run. First, practice the Red Bull Rookies was rescheduled, then 125cc FP2 was postponed and then rescheduled, then MotoGP FP2 was delayed. In the end, the circuit organizers simply ran out of time, with no space to squeeze in three sessions of practice for the three Grand Prix classes. All further action at the track was canceled, to give the circuit a chance to clean the track thoroughly and fully.

Practice will now resume tomorrow. Whether the teams will get more time on track to compensate the lost session is as yet unknown. More later.

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If this continues tomorrow do they start form their fp1 spots??

Speaking of oil, you would of thought there was an ocean(no pun intended) of oil dispersement products out there, and that race tracks would be some of the best informed as to how to treat such an assault.. What gives??

... not the oil that's the problem.

The best surfactants in the world are useless if the rain is too heavy to allow the resulting emulsion to be cleared from the surface of the track.

They will have the seepage cleaned up in time for tomorrows sessions I'm sure.
The length of track subjected to it was unexpected.
Hoping for dry weather tomorrow and Saturday looks to be a lottery at best in any given session.
Have no fear Hugelean,they WILL start from their qualifying slots posted by their lap times sometime tomorrow. I can't see the organizers postponing the race to Sunday, (but we did see it in Qatar some time back), nor allocating grid slots according to a washed out FP1.
I do hope they get a bunch of extra minutes practise prior to Qualifying.