Yamaha Cancels 1000cc Roll Out At Mugello, No Factory Bikes At Monday Test

The Monday test after Mugello was one of the most anticipated occasions in recent memory. For that was to be the first time that the media - and therefore vicariously, the fans - would get a chance to see all three of the factory MotoGP bikes due to be raced next season. Most of the shine has now come off that test, though: After Ducati and Honda let it slip that they would not be testing their 2012 machines at Mugello a week on Monday, today, Yamaha announced that they, too, had decided against taking their 1000cc M1 on track at the test. Instead, Yamaha will wait until the post-race test at Brno in mid-August before putting factory riders Ben Spies and Jorge Lorenzo on the machine.

The absence of the main factories - Suzuki's plans for 2012 are shrouded in mystery, the most likely scenario being that the factory will continue to race their 800 against the 1000s - from the test is not just a disappointment for the fans, it also frustrates the plans of the teams looking at competing as a CRT entry. Plans had been made to test the BMW-powered Suter 1000cc machine at Mugello, with several teams looking to that test - the first running of a CRT bike up against the factory 1000s - to gain an understanding of just how the CRT machines compare. On the basis of the time difference between the CRT bike and the factory bikes, teams could decide to look at obtaining a satellite machine from one of the existing manufacturers instead. Now, all they will have is the difference between the lap times of the 800s and that of the CRT bikes being tested.

Below is the Yamaha press release:

Yamaha postpones 1st 2012 1000cc prototype test

Gerno di Lesmo, 27th June 2011

Yamaha Factory Racing has made the decision to re-schedule the planned Mugello 1000cc test for the 2012 bike.

To allow for further time for the development of the bike the decision has been made to postpone the test to a later date.

The new plan foresees Yamaha's 2012 1000cc prototype tested by Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies following the Czech Republic round of the MotoGP World Championship at the Brno circuit

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With Ducati already having tested the 1000cc bike at Mugello and now focusing on getting the GP11.1 up to speed, it's not surprising that they aren't participating in the 1000cc test. But what of Honda and Yamaha? With Ducati's switch to getting the GP11.1 up to speed has it made them focus more and/or accelerate any developments on their 800cc machines? Or are they not participating to not show their hands on their 1000cc bikes so that each other can not gauge where they are in development?

As was stated in the article, if will still be interesting to see where the CRT teams are with the development of their bikes and their times relative to the lap times that have been set 800cc bikes.

but at this point do we even know if Ducati (or even Honda) are actually going to be 1000cc?

of course it all could be misleading in the end! LOL

Casey has already tested the 1000cc bike and referred to it as a 1000cc bike so as of now I would say yes.

"Everything has gone very well, very positive. It’s just nice to ride the 1000cc again, to feel the engine and the power." - Casey

Ducati (in fact Rossi) had hinted a few weeks ago that they would not participate at the Mugello test. They have already used 5 out of 8 test days with official riders and the recent introduction of the so-called GP11.1 (GP12 with 800cc engine) somewhat alleviates the need for further tests.

Yamaha and Honda testing at the Mugello would have given lots of informations to Ducati, allowing them to compare with their own laptimes set during private testing while Honda and Yamaha could compare between each other but would not have a clue about Ducati laptimes.

So it could be a way for the japanese manufacturers to not show their hand until Ducati reveal themselves as well (for PR purposes Ducati could insinuate being much faster even if it wasn't the case and no one could verify that).

Also, most probably Pedrosa would not be 100% fit for Mugello and maybe Honda wants to wait for a fully fit Pedrosa to give his first impressions on the 2012 bike?

Then it would leave only Yamaha to test and they may want further time to improve the bike before letting the official riders test it?

Ducati have already talked about being way under the previous Ducati best times at Mugello and Rossi has said that apparently Casey went even faster on the honda, though the new asphalt is supposed to be good for a second a lap..

Rossi said that apparently Stoner was faster on the 2012 Honda that himself on the GP12, but that was at Jerez were both bikes had their first test with official riders.
The Honda has not turned a wheel at Mugello.

But it's difficult to know if Rossi's statement is reliable since times have not been made public and I doubt HRC sent a text to Ducati Corse to compare their laptimes, so for all these private tests all we have are conjectures, gossip, and wishful thinking.

At a public test we would have real data to discuss, which makes a big difference!

According to the Moody-Ryder-Spalding triumvirate, Jorge Lorenzo said that he is supposed to get a new 800cc engine at Brno this season. According to this article, Yamaha has postponed the new 1000cc M1 at Brno.

Will a 2011.1 Yamaha M1 be revealed at Brno, and the 2012 M1 (with longer crank throw and different rods) be tested on the following Monday?

Now that Ducati have introduced the GP11.1, you've got to assume that other manufacturers are contemplating the same tactics. Brno would be a good place to reveal a 2011.1 M1 since an 800cc engine update is already scheduled.

Could be interesting.

Jorge stated that "maybe" the new spec engine would be available at Brno. So I think that's the target date but it didn't sound definite. I would think with Ducati's concentrated effort on 2011 and with the Honda being very good that they would try to make it happen.

Will be testing the 2012 bike at every GP from now until the end of the year and calling it the 11.1. May as well get some data on the chassis at a few GP's before wasting any more test days at 1000cc

What if they are all doing that? Ie all the factories are running the best frame that they can possibly build just now, which they will eventually modify a little for next year.

There's no particular reason to suppose the 2012 chassis will need to be qualitatively different to the 2011 versions, given similar weight. Differences in throttle response etc you'd expect to be more an issue of suspension tuning than chassis re-design. So they are all learning from their current chassis to make better ones next year... and I'd be surprised if there isn't in fact a Ducati GP12.1 which is step on from the 11.1=12.0

You might claim Ducati got an advantage of extra testing of their current chassis with the 1000cc engine, but it gives them no advantage at all for next year.

Development is an evolution, the only difference being ducati don't have something that works to start with.

Anyone know if Kawasaki might return in full force to GP in 2012 or possibly some CRT's using the new ZX10R powerplant for next year?