Going Dutch With Scott Jones: Race Day Photos From Assen

The first one is always the best one

Broken collarbones? Can't stop a Texan...

HRC engineering: perfection in exotic materials

If only the last lap of a MotoGP race was like this

Kenan Sofuoglu showed some of what made him a multiple World Supersport champion

Simoncelli deep in thought. Just what's needed for him to start winning

Looks like there might be a pot of gold in the Strubben hairpin

Marc Marquez. A man for tomorrow. And he's not bad today.

Ingredients for the championship lead: Honda, Alpinestars, Nolan, Red Bull, and an Australian

The Ducati Desmosedici GP11.1: Better than the GP11, not as good as the GP12

As an Englishman, you would have though Bradley Smith would have been used to the cold

Crash damage, 30 seconds in the gravel, and still 6th. Jorge Lorenzo hasn't given up on #1

Where the action is: Moto2 exits Assen's GT chicane

It was damp, so Westy shined. The Australian took 4th at Assen.

It if hadn't been for the tires, Crutchlow would have scored his best result yet in MotoGP

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I like them all, but the Spies shot is gorgeous, the procession shot leaves me wanting more, and the Sideshow Bob shot certainly sums it up for him

If Edwards had been using a clear or even a smoke visor - that shot would have been incredible - even with the mirrored lens, you can feel him staring you down. NICE SHOT!

Didn't notice before that Jorge did that ride through the field with no clutch lever. Sure they don't use it much anyhow I guess, but those little things can upset concentration and/or confidence. It only underscores how unimpressive the rest of the field were for him to ride past them like they were stationary, or on the positive side, what a great ride from Jorge.