Scott Jones On Wednesday: When Bad Things Happen

Whenever you've heard people use the term "highside", this is what they mean

Spot what's wrong with this picture

Assen's GT chicane gets a lot of traffic in the gravel

The aftermath, emotional and physical

"Don't let go of the clutch, don't let go of the clutch, don't let go of the clutch..."

At least they're only breaking fiberglass in Moto2

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to work properly in the rain, the dominant chevron pattern should be point up when looking at the rear tire from behind (or the front tire from the front). That way water is swept out from the middle of the tire under dominant slip conditions (rear - under power, front - under braking).

rear tire is on correctly.

By "wrong" do you mean destroyed?
The throttle-side clip-on looks to be in real bad shape.

Aside from the clip-on pointing the wrong way....I'd say it's the rider checking to see if his bollocks are intact!

There is a badly broken four stroke motorcycle in what should be a two stroke class!

Is the rear seat inverted as in the entire rear subframe is flipped 180°?

Is he taking a wizz? That would just be outright wrong!!!!! You can't do that in public ....... unless you are a highly paid soccer / football / other professional sport star on a bit of a bender :-)

Mecca's the other way................? Apart from that full wets in the dry