Scott Jones Shoots Mugello: Friday Photos

Dani Pedrosa: Back at last, he'll soon be fast

And he'll be staying out of the way of Mad Marco

Sideways: this is why the fans love Moto2

Mugello. A million reasons to love it

Ingredients for an Italian party: The Tuscan hills, a flowing race track, a Ducati and a living legend.

But Jorge Lorenzo is looking to spoil that Italian party at Mugello

Speed, German style

Keeping the faith

Win #1 done. Now for #2

Nice T-shirt, @DaveMinella!

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David, you have to ask Scott to get a shot of Andrea in the awesome fedora hat!

I agree. I'd pay extra to have a 1920x1200 option :)

As always, quality work Scott. Thanks for the dedication to your art and to us fans.

I especially love the two landscape shots.

As a subscriber, I'm sure you've seen the 1600x1080 versions of the pictures (click on the photos in the Subscriber Desktop posts for hi-res versions). We are continually considering going to 1920px wide, but there are commercial considerations which influence this decision. We'll look at it again over the course of the year.

To be honest I hadn't really looked into it.

I subscribed to show you my support and contribute, not for freebies.

Thanks for the heads up.

The money from subscriptions has been a huge help in running the site and getting Scott and I to the race track, but the messages of support that accompany the orders have been even better, really encouraging and heartwarming. It makes us work even harder!

People at work have recently become fascinated in my constantly changing desktop of superb Scott Jones shots since I subbed up. I'd appreciate a higher res too, as a CAD designer with a 30" monitor, I'm hoping for 2560x1600. :-) No biggie, I just stretch the current ones and they look nice but not crisp anymore. Can imagine there are complications if wanting to release higher res versions of his shots.