Capirossi To Return At The Sachsenring

Loris Capirossi is to make an unexpected early return to the MotoGP paddock, and will attempt to race at the German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring in 10 days' time. The hoary Italian veteran was injured in a crash during qualifying at Assen, when he was struck by his Pramac Ducati Desmosedici after crashing in the final minutes of QP. Capirossi injured both his shoulder and his ribs in the incident.

Frenchman Sylvain Guintoli was originally scheduled to take the place of the Italian, but after ending the Monday test at Mugello 5 seconds off the pace of Casey Stoner, the fastest man at the test, the Pramac team appears to have ditched that idea and will be asking Capirossi to attempt to come back early from injury. Whether that is wise, and whether he will even be passed fit at the Sachsenring, remains to be seen. But with Capirossi back in Germany, the MotoGP grid will be back at full strength, at least numerically speaking.

Below is the official press release from Pramac:


Loris Capirossi will grit his teeth for the ninth MotoGP round at Sachsenring. The MotoGP veteran is not 100% of his physical condition, but he is working hard these days to try to get the race in good condition.

Loris Capirossi - Pramac Racing Team Rider

"I feel better, but my physical condition are still not acceptable. I'm doing daily physical therapy sessions at the medical center IM2S of Monaco. I already missed two races, that Mugello the most important for me. I want to ride my bike as soon as possible".

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Doesn't seem like a good situation for anyone involved. Let's face it, Capirex is not a spry young rooster, and Guitoli gets a bit of pie in his face courtesy of the Pramac team for essentially being told "Since you aren't a miracle rider for our POS, uhh nevermind". The ducati teams shouldn't be very surprised when substitute riders tell them a flat "NO" to their face when asked to sub for the back-running contract riders, I'd imagine.
(and I'm a huge Nicky Hayden fan and still wear my made-in-china knockoff ducati marlboro barcode hat everyday)

Exactly. What did Pramac expect? Their machine was already off the pace with their regular rider- now they bring in someone who has been out of MotoGP for 3 years and expect better?

I am a huge Capirossi fan, and I can only wish him the best. We get a lot of painful injuries in this game but few of them hurt as bad as seeing someone else on your racebike. Ouch.

It is always going to be a problem trying to bring a rider in for spot duty. These bikes are now very specialized, the tires are like nothing else a rider has ever seen and there is no test time to speak of. Further, if a guy isn't in MotoGP already there is probably a reason.

Jut another symptom of the technical corner the series has painted itself into.

If he's hurt why would they want him to come back too early?? I hope Cap makes his own decision and is not forced to ride when he's hurt and not up to it.

For a first ride in one day after that many years away, being 5 seconds down on a new surface on a Satellite Ducati that runs at the back isn't at all bad.

I think Pramac Ducati has jumped the gun a little and need to give Capirex more time to recover and Sylvan more than 40laps to get back up to speed.

It's been shown the 800's are hard to just jump on and ride without experience, so logic would suggest that these teams start bringing in other riders to gain experience for situations such as this one, and Pedrosa's, Bautista's etc. Surely if they are not a contracted rider for the season they can test as much as they like yes? (There's those rules again!)

What's of most concern is putting an unfit rider on the grid who may end up further injuring himself, or others, or possibly worse. If something terrible was to happen, who would be accountable?

Taking the comments from the horses mouth. 'My condition is still not acceptable'. 'I want to be riding as soon as possible'. Mixed messages.

I doubt very much a man of Capirossi's experience would be swayed by others - his wife excepted!

I'm guesing this was Capirossi's decision all the way and had nothing to do with Sylvan's pitiful Mugello lap times. Loris just didn't like the idea of someone else riding his bike...simple as that.

Hey, at least Elias has a good shot not finishing last.