Scott Jones At Home: Saturday Photos From Laguna Seca

#58 - the people's favorite

Keep the faith, Nicky

We need more anti-wheelie


Honeycomb mesh. Because rocks and valve gear don't mix

Casey Stoner demonstrates the problems he's been having with grip

MotoGP = Loud

CEII had his worst qualifying session ever at Laguna Seca. Retirement is starting to look good

Hector Barbera pumps up the volume

"So then the seventh guy goes up to the barman and says ..."

Set the controls for the heart of the sun

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Looks like Scott has discovered Pink FLoyd:-)

Vale, Nicky, Casey, and Ben Spies got the most love from the fans. Simo was a distant 8th or so (that is what I noticed from the turn 11 grandstands along the grid positions).

During warmup and the race, I observed that Nicky and Valentino's bikes never pulled the front wheel up along the straight ( I would say I observed 40-50% of their laps during that time). I only saw Abraham's front come up a couple of times, but other than those three, everyone's bikes were pulling very slight wheelies going through first, into 2nd, 3rd, and usually 4th (5th and 6th were too far toward turn 1 for me to notice). Made the Ducs look very planted but at the same time it makes you wonder if they were putting enough power down. For some reason Capirossi and Barbera's bikes weren't behaving this way.