Scott Jones At Home: The Laguna Seca Race In Pictures

Lorenzo got off the line early, while Rossi takes the outside line into Turn 1

The tale of the season? Lorenzo leads, chased down by a horde of hungry Hondas

There was nothing to choose between Lorenzo, Pedrosa and Stoner in the first half of the race

Andrea Dovizioso chased the leaders, but simply didn't have their pace ...

... he was then hunted down and passed by Ben Spies.

Pedrosa was the first to succumb to Stoner, seeing the Australian go by at the top of the Corkscrew

Lorenzo held out for a long time, but Stoner came past at Turn 1 with 5 to go

Stoner's crew worked a little overnight magic, and the Australian was unleashed once his fuel burnt off

Rossi beat his teammate Hayden, much to the American's chagrin

The secret to the Honda's success? The RC212V starts at 11...

You've come a long way, baby. The Mission Motors Mission R electric racer was just 10 seconds off MotoGP pace at Laguna Seca

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I was quite impressed with the top ebikes in the ebike race. That mission bike is quick, no doubt. Steve Rapp is pretty fast as well but the bike moves!

Tale of the season indeed. I think it's a little overlooked how hard Jorge is working to keep up with Casey. Casey is a great rider but he does have a hell of a bike to work with too. Interested to see what comes of Yamaha's planned upgrades at the Brno test.
Thanks for covering the ebikes too. I have high hopes for their future.

I don't think thats being overlooked at all. In fact its probably closer to being belabored. Whats being overlooked by some is that Yamaha seems every bit as quick as Honda for last 4 or 5 races, even on Mugello's massive straight. Also overlooked is that whilst Lorenzo is riding incredibly well, Stoner is also on the absolute limit of what his Honda his capable of. Its not like he's out there sightseing. Its two great riders going at it on two great bikes and to me it looks like the Yamaha's strengths balance out the Honda's strengths almost perfectly.


You captured the essence of the weekend very well, as usual.
I also enjoyed meeting you at Riders for Health.

The buttons on the Honda's dash are the same as a Playstation controller's...

Curiously funny.

Don't the riders practice riding the tracks on a Playstation? So the inclusion of the buttons from a PS controller should make them feel right at home ;).

I believe that was a comment made by Jonathan Green of WSBK in regards to Ben Spies. Haha..