Scott Jones On Wednesday, On Thursday - Helmets

Toy boy

The Kangaroo Kid


There, in the distance, is the solution

The Last Samurai

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I like the turtle on Rossis visor, is that a new thing? I hope the supersticous italian doesn't turn it into a self fulfilling prophecy.

I think its overtaking him! Got to love the guys sense of humour.

Having it on the visor is new, but the turtle itself isn't. He had it as a mascot for many, many years now. I believe he even has it as a tattoo on his stomach.

Especially like the framing of the last one with Hiro.

The third photo though is of Sergio Gadea, not Pol Espargaro. ;)

isn't new. You can see it on his helmet, same location, dating back to 2004, and probably before. It may be interpreted differently this year than in previous, however :)