Scott Jones On Wednesday: Reasons The Indy Mile Should Be On Your Bucket List

There is nothing quite like standing at Turn 1 at a Mile

Rolling Thunder: 100mph + down the back straight on a 1950s pushrod twin

Memories that never die: Watching King Kenny howl round the Indy Mile on the TZ 750 two stroke

Guard of honor

The American School

Moonrise over the Fairgrounds

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I thought the roadracers had the big ones until I saw these guys on 'The Mile'. Incredible... Will be there for the 4th year straight. Wouldn't miss it !!

is the most awe inspiring form of racing ....ever.

I still remember the first time I went to the Sacramento mile, watching at turn 1.............I thought their throttles had stuck !!

A " must see " for any race enthusiast.

DO NOT miss the indy mile dirt track races. In 09 i went to see my first GP there, and the Mile races were so great to go to. A MUST SEE. As the races go on you can slide down to fron row and get pelted w dirt and pieces of rubber. If you're into that sort of thing. I was.

if you like the Indy Mile

you really, really need to go to the Springfield Mile !!

that is REALLY something out of this world!

Do It In The DIRT baby!!

Thank you for running this story, the World Needs to Know...

Are you going to be at Indy this year? I'd love to pick up a T-Shirt!

I grew up 10 minutes from Sante Fe Speedway...followed Flat Track religiously long before I got hooked on road racing. I'm 30 years old, so I caught the tail end of the Honda domination, Shobert and Graham laying it down.

Flat Track, specifically the miles, are my absolute, #1 no doubt about it favorite form of racing to watch live. The Indy Mile is fantastic. I acted like a 5 year old kid watching KRSR bang it around that place in anger.

Do yourself a favor, if you dig motorcycles, racing or both DO NOT miss the Indy Mile. For that matter, don't miss the Springfield Mile the following weekend. Springfield is just unbelievable.